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Thread: Exquisite Blown Glass by Firemajic

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    Those are stunning! Juls, you are amazing! I am so impressed with your talent!
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    Thank you Gumby! It really is a lot of fun.. lol.. I love to play with fire!!
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    I've often wondered about your work with glass, Jul but I always imagined coloured vases and paper-weights. I never dreamed you were making anything as detailed and artistic as these pieces. They are stunning. You are so clever!


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    Wow Firemajic, I'm blown away (no pun intended).

    I've seen and watched some glassblower's work both in Europe and the States, but their creations were, like Jen mentioned, in the decorative arts realm. Then in 2013 the wife drug me down to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to see the Chihuly Exhibit "Through the Looking Glass" and I was amazed by the fine arts realm of such work.

    From the images TK put up, it looks like your work is on a par

    And thank you TK.

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    Lovely pieces! Thanks for sharing these TK!

    I love glass stuff. Julia, please make a thread and post your wonderful things, or let us post them for you =p
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    Those look gorgeous, but I can't help wondering about the size. Nothing in the images to show scale, so... approximate dimensions? (I'm not criticizing the pictures; image quality, background and lighting are superb to my inexperienced eye.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firemajic View Post
    Raleigh... I am not going to lie... Glass Art takes a lot of discipline... BUT.. I have never had a lesson.. I have been a "Hot Head" for 6 years.. You can watch some really cool youtube videos on glass blowing.. Thanks..
    Oh cool, thanks!
    it's always the silent ones....

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    Very cool! There's quite a market for blown glass where I live.

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    As has been said by others - WOW!

    Those pieces are so exquisitely beautiful they seem unreal.

    I would so much love to have such beauty adorning my home.
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    I just watched a few videos about glass blowing, and that stuff is really cool. My jaw was dropped halfway through the video, it's really cool.
    it's always the silent ones....

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