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Thread: Is this a proper way to follow quotes?

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    That is to say:- "Oh, look at that strange punctuation," she said, and shook her head.

    In this example the "said" could be "whispered" "murmured" "yelled" in fact any description of speech.

    But if she went:-"Oh, look at that strange punctuation," she giggled and shook her head.

    That last passage would be incorrect because she couldn't "giggle" a word.

    In fact I see this last aberration quite often and of course it makes no difference to the comprehensibility of the passage.
    I sometimes solve this problem by swapping the order of the dialogue and attribution, and leaving the "said" implied.

    She giggled and shook her head. "Oh, look at that strange punctuation."

    That said, I'm not as strict as some of the others here regarding which words may and may not be used as "said" words. If it involves air going in or out of your face somehow, I'm probably okay with an action being used to indicate dialogue.

    "Oh, look at the strange punctuation," she giggled. - okay
    "Oh, look at the strange punctuation," she shook her head. - not okay

    My rationale for this is that even though you can't "giggle" a word, it's a legitimate verb to use because we can picture exactly what this girl is doing. The giggle might be just before or just after, or it might even be happening as she's talking, changing the volume and inflection of the words. However, shaking one's head can't really change how something is said, so I don't consider it a valid word to use for dialogue attribution.
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    Yair . . .


    I reckon your #11 post sums it up nicely, well said and thank you.


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