How to stop going back and forth....

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Thread: How to stop going back and forth....

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    How to stop going back and forth....

    I'm sorry for my terrible title, I cannot remember the proper name for this. I seem to have a problem where I go back and forth between

    "Mike jumped backwards, suddenly fearful for his life..."


    "Mike jumps back, suddenly fearful for his life..."

    How can I stop myself from doing this?

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    I guess you're talking about the tense shift between past and present. I find myself often using both in the first stab at composing a piece, either a first draft or notes. It just comes out that way, sometimes the imagination is now and sometimes it's then and I don't like stopping to correct it in that first gush. If tense issues are troubling a piece, they will get their own special edit, but usually I can just keep an eye on them in the second draft, when I've decided what I want.
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    "Fearful for his life, Mike leapt backwards." Expressing it this way eliminates the need for the clumsy "suddenly."
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