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    The Watchers


    All the things that go bump in the night and haunt our fairy tales have survived into the modern day. For millennia a tight-knit group of supernaturals (called The Watchers) have worked at governing and keeping the supernatural hidden from the human population. Recently The Watchers have had to join forces with a human governmental agency to bolster their own numbers.
    The supernatural population has always been small but in the last five centuries has dwindled further than before. It’s only a matter of time before they’re either gone for good or they come out to humans.


    This particular game will be set in Kansas City (It’s my hometown and I’m most familiar with it). Kansas City is a sprawling city with wide streets, lots of fountains, and plenty of green spaces. The city itself straddles the point where the Missouri and Kaw rivers meet. It is also in two states—Kansas and Missouri, though the part you’d want to visit is in Missouri.

    Playable Races:

    These are not the only races that exist but they are, for purposes of this game, the only races allowed for play.


    The most human-like of Supernatural beings, witches use their magic to boost their allies and themselves, track and trap their enemies, and to gain information. They tap into the natural magic running in their blood and in the world around them.

    Other than their ability to use magic witches are fully human both mentally and physically. “Witch” is the term used for both male and female. A witch’s magic is nullified by iron and salt. To work magic they must be licensed and registered by the S. N. U.

    Witches educate and govern themselves through The Coven. The Coven is made up of the most well-educated witches. They test spells, decide which spells are allowed, decide by-laws for witches, and teach other witches. The Coven will Outcast a witch found to break their laws. Being Outcast means all support from other witches, including buying/selling spells, is dropped. Most witches will not speak to an Outcast witch for fear of being Outcast themselves. Once Outcast most witches are given an injection of salt and iron.

    Witch magic always requires blood to work. Whether the blood is voluntarily given or forcibly taken (as well as whose blood is used) depends upon the Witch’s personality. A spell can be activated with as little as three drops of blood—one of which must be the witch’s.

    Witch magic is divided into “schools.” These are abjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, necromancy, and transmutation. Necromancy is strictly forbidden by The Coven. An explanation of the different schools is below.

    Abjuration: the ability to heal and protect. The absolute ideal “white witch” would use abjuration almost exclusively.

    Divination: the ability to seek information through magic. These spells allow the caster to look into events of the past, see far-off present events, or to see possible events in the future.

    Enchantment: the ability to seduce and “win-over” others through magic.

    Evocation: the ability to cast “elemental” spells. These are usually inspired by things in the natural world. Fireballs, lightning strikes, causing rain, minor earthquakes, and whipping winds all fall into evocation. All of these spells have a high chance of miss firing and possibly fizzling out. This school of magic is also highly regulated by The Coven.

    Illusion: the ability to create images and sounds to make a person believe something. An example would be using illusion to pass a one-dollar bill (or even blank paper) off as a hundred-dollar bill.

    Necromancy: though forbidden by The Coven there are still a few who practice necromancy. These practitioners face not just being Outcast but can actually face a sentence of execution. Necromancy uses animal or human sacrifice to cast similar spells to other schools of magic. Their spells require the use of body parts. They can also speak to the dead and, some, can even raise the dead.

    Transmutation: this is the ability to change one item into another. Alchemists are the perfect example of a transmutation witch. (GM Note: I’m not going to allow any player to play a necromancy witch).


    Formerly human vampires are infected with a blood-borne virus that changes them physically. They become stronger, faster, with better senses, and they thirst for blood. (They will eat supernaturals as well as humans and are greatly feared by other supernaturals if they are known not to be capable of controlling themselves). The virus triggers severe allergies to garlic and sunlight. Yet it also expands their lifespan into centuries during which they do not age physically. They cast reflections and have no aversion to holy objects.

    Vampires are often physically attractive and charming. Yet they crave touch and have no real sense of personal boundaries. Despite their physical strength they need a “menagerie” of victims to survive. The vampiric virus passes to those who drink a vamprie’s blood with no need for vampires to bite the human trying to change.

    Vampires have no over-arching governing body like the witches or shifters but they do tend to gather in groups called Hives. Hives work mostly as a support group and can become very insular and will “swarm” in times of trouble. Swarming vampires are very dangerous as it indicates a severely harmed member of their group. When swarming vampires will attack any who come near and are constantly on the verge of a feeding frenzy.
    Other supernaturals cannot be turned into a vampire.


    Shifters are humans that change into animals. All shifters are capable of shifting form into one other animal form than human. They maintain natural coloration, mental ability, and mass during this shift. (A 200 lbs man becomes a 200 lbs wolf). All shifters are born as shifters and they cannot turn humans or other supernaturals. Shifters have abilities in their human form based on their animal forms. All shifters enjoy a minor immunity to magic. There are two kinds of shifters—the Gifted and the Cursed.

    The Gifted are capable of changing form whenever they wish. However, they spend so much time in their animal form that they don’t quite fit into human society and are often thought to have mental and emotional disabilities by their human peers. Yet within shifter society The Gifted are the ruling elite and often look down upon their cursed brethren. They comprise a small fraction of the Shifter population.

    The Cursed can only fully shift during the three days of the full moon and they cannot control this shift.

    Shifters tend to form family/social units based upon their shifting animal called “Packs.” Though rare there are a few “mixed packs.” Each pack has a leader called an alpha. Each alpha earns his or her position through demonstration of values and strengths preferred by each pack. All packs answer to “Lupini”—the leading pack for all shifters. Lupini is almost exclusively made up of Gifted shifters and is a mixed pack. The current Lupini alpha is a Gifted wolf shifter named Dmitri Grechnev.

    Shifters are allergic to silver and will go into anaphylactic shock on contact. (GM note: whether a shifter character is Gifted or Cursed is randomly determined by me. I’ll be rolling dice).

    The following are the known shifter types: Canid, Pardu, and Ursine. Canid shifters are the most common with Pantheran and Ursine being much more rare. Each animal type grants the shifter certain abilities while in human form. They also typically refer to their “type” by these names other than “wolf” or “bear.” Further information on these types is below.

    Canid: These are “canine” shifters. They include wolves, foxes, coyotes, and other animal shifts in the Canine family. In their human form they gain heightened senses.

    Pardu: These are “big cat” shifters. They include lions, tigers, and panthers of all kinds. They gain great strength in their human forms.

    Ursine: These are “bear” shifters. They include brown bears, black bears, grizzlies, polar bears, etc. They gain incredible endurance in their human forms.


    The S. N. U.

    The Supernatural Unit is comprised of humans who have been specially recruited and trained to deal with the supernatural population. Each major city has at least one active unit depending on the population density of the supernatural community. These agents have access to top-grade military technology and top-grade magic. Each unit also has a Watcher member assigned as a liaison. S. N. U. agents are issued suits that include retinal data feeds and an exo-skeletal armor that improves strength and dexterity. These suits also include a magical dampening field that disperses magical attacks.

    The Watchers
    Millenniums-old, The Watchers have worked diligently to govern and protect the Supernatural community from discovery by humans. To do so they have transcended racial and political lines. They utilize powerful (sometimes outlawed) magic to hide the most dangerous of their kind.

    The Coven
    The coven was instituted after the last round of witch trials to protect witches from discovery. Granted their power by The Watchers; The Coven works closely with The Watchers.

    Lupini is the leading pack of all shifter packs. Like all shifter packs they are led by strength and cunning. They existed before The Watchers. It was only with the advent of The Watchers that the shifter packs broke apart from Lupini to form individual, subservient packs.

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    I'm in. As you can see, I'm brand new here so I might need a little help figuring out how you guys do things. I've played RPG's on other sites before, but this one is a little different. How do we submit our character profile?

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    I'll post up a different thread in the character forums for that.

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    Thanks. Hopefully we will get a few more players.

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    There are a few others who have expressed interest.

    Some notes:

    Witches can imbue certain items with magic (creating wands, staves, and potions). Creating these items takes quite a bit of training and to sell these takes a special license (again issued by the S. N. U.) beyond that to practice magic. These items all have only a certain number of uses. Witches cannot imbue iron.

    Potions: single use items, created from organic materials, and serving a specific purpose. Potions are difficult to make and can be very dangerous as, if they are not created correctly, can be poisonous or have unintended effects.

    Staves: (staves being the plural of staff) are long and typically wooden. A staff can be used used as a weapon but it is conspicuous and not easy to hide. They are very powerful items and can have up to 25 uses. Some S. N. U. officers use a silver staff with a light spell imbued into it to protect themselves from dangerous shifters. Once all uses in a staff are used it shatters (if wooden) or disintegrates (if silver).

    wands are smaller than staves but cannot hold as powerful of spells. They can only hold 10 charges but, unlike staves, can be recharged.

    Transmutation is the ability to change one object into another.

    Added race: human; this is fairly obvious but most humans in this game will not be nearly as powerful as the supernatural. They have no natural magical abilities and cannot interbreed with the other races. They do, however, have their technology which is advancing at an amazing rate.

    To make it clear, there are other supernatural beings who work with The Watchers--not just witches. The Watchers are typically considered to be outside of and above their counterparts in their respective "societies." They recruit and train only the very best.
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    I will have to give this an other look as I am on holiday right how and can't take the time to read it now, but a 'amsawtell' rpg with witches, vampires and shifters.... I am definately in!
    I long for the day when MS stands for mystery solved!

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    It'll be good to have you, Misti. Enjoy your holiday!

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    well dang, i guess that means I have to join too.
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    I declare myself in!
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    Aww, don't be like that Deaf. I'm happy to have you.

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