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    Texas Kill-a-Killer Day

    #22. Write a poem celebrating or commemorating a holiday you think should exist.

    I think it would raise awareness if every time someone was executed, we made a Big Deal out of it. It's a villanelle because...well, that's what happened. I'm not avidly against the death penalty, but with all the stuff coming out about crooked prosecutors, I'm thinking that as a solution to crime, it is not viable.

    Texas Kill-a-Killer Day
    Hip-hip hurrah! Hip-hip hooray!
    Raise up the flag, stand and salute.
    It's Texas Kill-a-Killer Day.

    If you engage in foul play,
    in Texas, we will prosecute.
    Hip-hip hurrah! Hip-hip hooray!

    We'll prove to you crime doesn't pay
    when we convict and execute.
    It's Texas Kill-a-Killer Day.

    The chaplain will come help you pray.
    We'll give you a bright orange suit.
    Hip-hip hurrah! Hip-hip hooray!

    The court will not give you a stay;
    Your death is how you restitute.
    It's Texas Kill-a-Killer Day.

    Injection is the only way
    And in our faith, we're resolute.
    Hip-hip hurrah! Hip-hip hooray!
    It's Texas Kill-a-Killer Day.
    Dream big, fight hard, live proud!

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    I've never lived in a society where death is viewed as a solution to crime, nor guns either. I find it really difficult to conceive of either being part of my daily or civic life... especially to the point, as you've hit upon here, of being almost invisible. So, for me, the flippancy that can be utilised with this form through repetition to create satire really fits the subject.
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    I, too, live in TX and while I will forever be thankful for the right to bear arms, I am against the death penalty. Odd, I know. I'd always been a supporter of it until I took an ethics class in college and wrote a paper about it. Researching the subject changed my mind about what I thought. The reasons? A. Statistically, there is no evidence that the death penalty deters crime. B. The amount of time it takes for the accused to be put to death is unnecessarily long. And C. Taking the life of the accused, while it may be justified in the minds of the family members of the victim(s), only adds to the loss of life, causing an excessive amount of pain for the family members of the accused.

    I don't hold it against anyone who disagrees with my viewpoint. On the contrary, I quite enjoy having conversations and or friendly debates with those who are on the other side of the spectrum with regards to this issue. So please don't think I'm trying to disparage your point of view.

    Sometimes, when I think about this issue, I think of the people who are against abortion, but for the death penalty. My sister, a Baptist Christian, is this way. Though she is devout in her faith, she sees abortion as wrong, yet supports the death penalty. It makes no sense to me, really. I'm not a religious person, but doesn't the Bible say, Thou shalt not kill? Isn't it supposed to be God's job to judge a man for his crimes?

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    As a reminder, debating isn't allowed so please keep comments about the work.

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    I appreciate a dose of satire with poetry. Very well done. The structure you chose particulaly fits.
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