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    Me too. I wonder why that is.
    Maybe a little bit of urgency helps ?
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    It is very rare that I take a person into dislike at a first encounter, but it happened a few weeks ago. Upon further interaction, the feeling has not gone away only deepened to the point I feel like a cat who has had their fur purposefully ruffled forward. You want to growl and hiss because they disturb you on a fundamental level, but you don't because it is not socially acceptable. Stupid mistakes caused by assumptions and general carelessness have not helped the situation.

    Because of this, I have gone into avoid and evade mode. If I have to be within proximity, I quickly find a legitimate reason to disappear with a stack of books or to answer a question, and unless I am addressed directly, I say nothing. My shell is out in full force and it can be wearing.

    Usually because books are something I love, people have a hard time shutting me up. I read incessantly and have a weird knack for recalling exactly where roughly 70% of our book inventory is at any given time. I don't usually need the computer to look anything up...basically, I'm a living card catalogue. Outside of a book shop, it is a creepy ability, but in my line of work it is a great skill to have, one my coworkers don't hesitate to utilise and I'm happy to share.

    In this instance, however, it is not something I feel obliged to offer because I've been polite and quiet, and I have watched. Any offered help, is wasted effort. Being careless with books just pushes all the wrong buttons, especially when I am the one who ends up fixing the mistakes. Because I deal with spectrum issues, chaos in things as basic as the alphabet can drive me absolutely bats. I guess I feel a little guilty that my unconscious reaction on the first meeting was accurate. I don't like the feeling because it started as an assumption, but was unfortunately supported by further actions.

    Just some thoughts...

    - D.
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    Fun update on the stolen license plate: I just got a letter in the mail from one of the local gas station chains about the plate being seen on a vehicle that drove off without paying for nearly $50.00 worth of fuel. I called, explained the situation, and gave them the case number for the police report. The gas station is sending video footage of the thief and his vehicle to the police. How stupid can you get? Steal the plate and fuel, too...Dude, you are on camera, anybody, who watches any type of crime show would know this.

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    How Japanese People Stay Fit for Life, Without Ever Visiting a Gym | by Kaki Okumura | Medium

    This is one of those things I envy of people with lots of green spaces around the city. It really changes perspective on how to live life. I wish sometimes the place I lived had such a culture. Because who doesn't want to live longer? As a side note I noticed in places like Lisbon, Portugal you have plenty of places to walk which are safe. It's not my decision where to live. If I could I would practice what it is the article. It's much more difficult because of the pandemic. That's why some people wear a pedometer. They made me wear one for cognitive behavior therapy. They told me to walk 5000 steps a day.

    That being said today has been good since I exercised the previous two days. So my mood is under control. I am planning to exercise tomorrow. If you can afford it go for it. Buy a house where it's safe and fun to walk around the parks, and urban centers.

    This article does not lie. It's a must read imo.
    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
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    The Glasshouse.

    I was married to a woman who came from Tokyo, she was always amazed at all the green space in London, she used to say when you come to the edge of Tokyo the concrete starts, ten miles later when you get to the other side it finishes. Mind you, I have never been, she might have been exaggerating. When I broke my leg I was told to walk as much as I could and wore a pedometer, I used to manage 11,000 paces a day, and you are right, the more you do the better you feel.
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    Just watched a documentary..catching a killer..diary from the grave.....a university lecturer is taken in by a poetry student and murdered...weird when he gets charged for the murder and hes asked what's his job and he replied..I'm writing a book on 18th century romantic poetry....
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    Documentary!! It seemed like a thriller movie scene and the murderer, a psycho writer who is a student as well.... and loves reading romantic poems, enough for the goose bumps.

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    After that he murdered a neighbour in the same street after befriending her which set the alarms bells ringing...but they couldn't prove that as the first body was exumed to detect poisoning and I think she was cremated...the murderer father was a vicar and mother active in village life...he tried to become a vicar and a psychiatric report was required which concluded he had psychopathic tendencies...
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    Went through some old stuff and made my longest video yet, about seventeen and three quarter mins. Do you remember 'Moonlight holder', Foxee? Olly's version of a werewolf story
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    A whole swathe of entertainment, all sorts of lengths, all sorts of stories, all with that 'Olly' twist.

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    Here in Texas we're starting the big thaw after a week of below zero temps - which I'm sure gets a bit laugh from the folks up north that are used to this sort of thing - but a week of snow and ice without the temp going above freezing? Not here, ever I can remember. I managed to stock up right before the big freeze hit, about the same time our water heater died. We were fortunate that we didn't lose power, and although I made sure I kept the faucets dripping we still had busted pipes when it thawed yesterday. The temps were just too cold for too long. Meant to take some photos but couldn't motivate myself. One morning found several deer tracks inside the yard - probably jumped the fence looking for food. Not sure what they ate, all our trees are "bare ruined choirs."
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    in whom there is no salvation."
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    Timely, isn't it?


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