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    Everything arrived, everything works perfectly.

    Finally, now that everything is fine, I can sit down and read a bit, with a good hot tea.
    My dream? Being able to enter people's hearts with words: giving emotions and dreams.
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    Cut up the sevilles last night, and put the pips to soak. Been making them into marmalade this morning. The missus makes most of it, she turns out a more professional looking product as she squeezes them and takes out the pith, I cut them up whole. It comes out a bit cloudy looking, but it's extra tangy.
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    The trouble with baking things like Brownies, is that you tend to consume the results of your labours - I got bored yesterday, what with golf being off the agenda, and as the oven was still hot after making my bread....
    A man in possession of a wooden spoon must be in want of a pot to stir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxee View Post
    Did anyone get video of this? That's an entertaining reaction to sedation.
    There's a video of me in the car, but it's already wearing off at that point.

    My sister (who got her wisdom teeth out the same day) recorded herself in the recovery room, and you can hear me in the background, talking the nurse's ear off. It's kind of indistinct but when my siblings watched the video they caught the words "Isaiah," "homosexuality," and "authority"...I don't remember much of this, so I just hope everything I said was theologically accurate, lol. I do remember that the first thing I said when I woke up was something like, "You know, false prophets really need to repent."
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    If my hands are filled with beauty,
    All the beauty comes from God.
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    And earth has nothing I desire besides You.

    ~ Psalm 73:25

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    And on those in the tombs,
    lavishing light.

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    My day has been alright so far, I just went around for a drive.

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    We have freezing rain tonight, so I'm really glad I bit the bullet and bought a car cover. I won't have to battle ice in the morning. Way too late adulting win!

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    Woke up with another easy day of lounging in mind.
    Morning coffee, some TV, some writing, maybe laundry

    The project of the day, Oxtail soup with potatoes and
    cauliflower. Fill the pot with water, boil meat 2 hours,
    add potatoes for an hour and add cauliflower for
    10 mins, voila! Ha!! Filled the pot in the sink with water,
    added oxtails, on stove, med heat, cover, leave room.
    A crackling background noise like water droplets burning
    off the outside of the pot. Crackling, crackling and too
    long crackling to be normal....Walking into the kitchen,
    eyes focused on the pot, ( crackle), the sides of the pot
    were blackened stripes. Fire off! As I lifted the pot from
    the stove, I saw the burner covered with blue melted

    The plastic lid was in the sink and stuck to the bottom of
    the pot when I filled it, yikes! Melted plastic also inside
    the stove and under the burner. I had to used a tweezer
    to pick it out of the burner holes.
    Funny tho, I didn’t smell burning plastic until I removed
    the pot. Then immediately got lightheaded.
    Windows, doors open much of the day.The pot was saved,
    the soup a success, and the burner is in the freezer, for I
    hope, an easy cleaning, another day, no rush.
    ‘Every man is guilty
    of all the good he did not do’


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    A big fat 'meh'.

    Felt like I was being productive last week, kind of lost my way a bit. I'm on autopilot mode a bit at the moment.

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    Told Rue he could have the peanut butter jar...never told him I'd take the lid off. Poor dude...

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    Poor pup, his look says it all.


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