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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkkin View Post
    Just made What the Hell is in the Cabinet Refrigerator Cake...We'll have to see how this turns out.
    I for one will need an update on the results!

    Today work was an exercise in adulting that included all the greatest hits we didn't see coming when we were kids:
    - Doing stuff you don't wanna do
    - Waaaaiiiiting
    - Being treated like an idiot who should be asking for help...when I didn't need help
    - Being passive-aggressively told to do things
    - Being passive-aggressively criticized
    - Wiping someone else's bottom
    - Wishing that I didn't need money as much as I do
    - Causing myself a physical injury that I just need to walk off
    - Staying hungry when I'd rather eat
    - Holding my tongue
    - Dealing with an idiot truck driver who wanted to drag race when all I wanted was to get home
    - Oh look, it's dinnertime again...what do I make this time?
    - Being tired.
    - More being tired.
    - Dealing with fractious kids
    - Wondering if cleaning the kitchen by setting off a bomb might not be the best option overall. After all, it looks like someone already has...
    - Being kind when I'd rather be angry
    - Realizing how bald my tires are

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    Some days these things get to you, Foxee. It can all be looked at another way of course. You didn't wanna do it, but you did want the result of having done it, or you wouldn't have done it. Waiting is an opportunity for introspection. People with so little understanding they treat you like an idiot may be viewed with wry amusement. All the way down to the fact that at least two thirds of the world's population would go 'Wow, a car, you're rich.' no matter what the state of it.
    Bet you didn't want to hear that

    I am alone for a bit, the missus works thurs, fri. and Saturday she is off to visit with her sister for a few days. Soon after that she will be going on holiday to Vietnam, so I have the opportunity to get the garden in better shape. We are on heavy Weald clay here, so creating drainage and digging over are fairly imperative. Taking it slowly a bit at a time, so far my back is holding
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    Submitted my old story which is the best one I wrote imo but it was never a perfect fit. Today I submitted it to an editor. He replied within a minute and said thanks. I feel kind of bad as I wanted to simultaneously submit it. That's even though that market is the best fit possible. The other is more prestigious and might help me get published in more places for short works. So it was a nice surprise to get some acknowledgment in a brief span of a minute after submission. That was a few moments ago. I consider it my best story not published due to what the market determines fits in their magazine due to preferences of what they tend to publish. It was experimental for certain. I had to cut 1000 words from 6000 to meet the rules of the submission guidelines.
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    For the only time in my life, I kinda wish I already didn't have cats, so I can adopt Perdita...

    I think we're soulmates.
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    This is an Ikea Cat...sum total of my day. No clear direction.

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    I have wiped, polished, swept, mopped vaccuumed, dusted, scrubbed, shined, drove, supported, walked, cheered, crocheted, frog-stitched, doublechecked, retrieved, prayed, and finally I am getting some food before faceplanting in my pillo

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    doing great got some wrting done and some house work done lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by storytellerforlife View Post
    doing great got some wrting done and some house work done lol
    Hi, welcome to the forum, your first post I see.

    I went to St Thomas' eye clinic today, all stable I am told.
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    Spent the day so far napping and recovering from yesterday's Super Bowl party.

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    Added a curious, endearing book to my library. The Imaginaries by Emily Winfield Martin


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