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    Going over the parts list for my next computer build. Most will be in by Wednesday at the latest, so next weekend will be assembly time.
    Stage One will be the disassembly of my current rig, and harvesting usable components. Stage Two will be the assembly and testing of my new system. For Stage Three, I'm building my son a new computer out of my leftover parts (My patented FrankenComputer). And Stage Four will be a (hopefully) final testing and de-bugging of both systems.

    I don't know if anyone even does this anymore. As our "things" become cheaper and conversely more difficult to work on, it seems most folks don't have the patience for something as simple as slapping some parts together. My dad was a mechanic for many years, and I saw his frustration as our products became cheaper and needlessly complex. Must be why I drive a 42 year old truck.

    I'll probably write-up my experiences, for any odd-balls that find computer hardware interesting. I've learned a lot in the last 25 years of computer tinkering. Always happy to pass on my hard-learned lessons.
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    despite holiday whatnot-whereevers,
    this is a very exciting week.

    prototypes give sunrises/sunsets
    a run for top spot
    on the "thrive-alive"

    won't need all the duct tape,
    so if you run short for
    lemme know.


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    Getting out of a long lull of not feeling too great- back to form now!

    I'm thinking about making an author's website and try to establish a presence online and considering the self-publishing route for my works. I am not experienced, but I was trying to conceive a model where I could both market works (through links to retailers) while at the same time showing (for free) shorter pieces of poetry/prose for free to attract readers to my site (and myself as an author.) I have quite a lot of material and the waiting times that publishing enforces, as well as its limitations, is leaning me in the self-publishing direction. Any input anyone has appreciated!

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    I just love waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. -_-

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    Went to the market and some people were clustered around a car. 'Dog locked inside' one said to me. The owner eventually showed and the people gave him a hard time. Couldn't hear what they were saying but him I could; "I've never done this before! It's not 90 degrees out! She's already reported me to the police!" to which I spoke up: "It's only a slap on the wrist, 30... maybe 90 days max. Your a good lookin man, I'm sure you'll be very popular- with the guards, I meant..."

    I didn't really say that.
    The dog was fine.
    It was too warm a day to be locking a dog in the car.
    The people did give him a hard time.
    He was upset, defending himself.

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    I just broke Potato Cat's heart...I opened the drawer under the oven and all he found was a stack of cake pans. Now he's on the kitchen table pretending I don't exist.

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    Ugh. Day "off" indeed.
    Got to get my work-out in, as I missed yesterday's. Then take the truck down to the water to save a spot for our 4th of July viewing. Keep assembling my new computer. Get a batch of beer started. There's some clothes that need to be folded. Probably more that I forgot now.
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    Worked a full shift today, got home and proceeded to do a massive deep clean of the entire house, this includes, dishes, laundry, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, the whole nine best friend was home the entire time I'm doing this, (she has company coming tomorrow and this is company level clean, not just a normal tidying, which gets done everyday)...What does she notice, ' did the dishes...'

    Are you foxing kidding me! The dishes... I did a hell of a lot more than that, which is more than can be said for her, and she was home today. Yeah, I'm a bit mad. The rule, you have company get your ass in gear and do the cleaning. As the house is usually very neat, it is not much of an issue, but when someone has been cleaning circles around you since they got home, how oblivious do you have to be? The dishes, seriously...grr. Occasionally, people's actions can really suck. A simple, 'Thanks for getting stuff done...' would go a long way. Instead I get an almost baffled tone of, 'Oh, you did the dishes...' like it is some huge shock. The dishes get done daily!

    And I can't even vengeance clean to blow off steam because my house is clean. AHHHH! Stupid reason to be mad, but sometime it feels like I'm a freaking ghost. Invisible and totally taken for granted because I do things without having to be asked.

    I know how worthless crap like this makes me feels, so if someone does something as simple as getting the mail or taking the garbage out, I am in a habit of saying thank you because they took time to do a little thing...
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    Never mind how my days go; I'm more concerned with where they go. So, only now catching up on Sunday ...

    A week ago Sunday our next door neighbour's companion Leo died. He was a jazz trumpeter and she plays the banjo, so as we live in a pair of semi-detached houses over many years my angel and I often heard them jamming together through the wall, but not any longer. This Sunday we as usual had our traditional English roast lunch and as usual I turned on our computerised hifi system which randomly plays tracks from our entire CD collection, which I've uploaded onto our home server. We don't especially listen to jazz, except through the wall, but do have a few big band CDs in our varied collection. Not for the first time our supposedly "random" system chose what seemed an appropriate track from the 2500 in its library to play as the very first piece as my angel was dishing up the meal. This was Duke Ellington's Things Ain't What They Used To Be. As we happened to be having duck for lunch I remarked to my angel that rather than Beef Wellington we were getting Duck Ellington. As usual she was appropriately underwhelmed by my scintillating wit. Some audiences can be so tough.

    Rest in peace Leo … unless they’ve given you a job playing the horn of course ... no more blues though.
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    Brief Writing Reminder:

    You can't please everyone. Let's take Mishu Jerni, one of my POV characters in my fantasy for an example.

    One person would love to read about a Mishu who is just a regular blind girl in a fantastical universe with magic and otherworldly entities and she has to somehow survive. No chosen-one thing, no Mishu being the face of some army. Just a regular POV character trying to not die as the world implodes around her.

    Another would love to read a Mishu who *is* basically a Toph BeiFong/Daredevil rip-off who leads the charge against said otherworldly entities and kicks all the ass.

    Write what you want to write, and what will make your story work. Don't write to please people. It's a hamster wheel that won't end.


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