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    I'm sure you showed Cat Cat an extraordinary amount of love, Darkkin, and that it was fully reciprocated.

    All sympathies.

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    appointments are.
    today i encountered an individual
    surrendering to the reality that
    repeating the same nonsolution
    was not only harming him
    in accelerating fashion,
    but that the fear of failure,
    success and unknown
    most likely would compare
    to that h-llish loop.

    today was a deep dive into
    unknown waters in the form
    of courier services for above
    board companies.

    he thanked me for never losing
    faith in his ability to read that
    compass, despite what others
    were saying.

    save the cheerleader, save the world.
    heroic journeys, one and all.
    <3 cloud peeps

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    Weird week...Say hello to Potato, the Second Breakfast Cat. We call him, Po. The pictures on the left are Po (7 weeks and on the right CatCat 19 years when she passed.) I will always love and miss CatCat, but she had one hell of a good run. Po is just starting out and it is looking like it will be an adventure. He got to go to the bookstore today and is a very personable little soul.

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    Hi, Potato!! *ear scritches...* Omnomnom... /promptly woozles Potato (What is soft and warm must be woozled. It's the law.)
    Sometimes, I wrestle with my demons. Other times, we just snuggle.

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    My daughter didn't get another job she applied for. She's been striking out a bit recently.
    I want to help her, but she's 21 and I have to treat her like an adult. She has a decent retail job right now, but anyone that's worked retail can tell you... A decent retail job is like wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes. They suck, but it's better than being shoe-less. You put up with the pain, and hope no one notices your limp.

    I'll continue to help where I can. We all just want the best for those we love.
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    Just opened my father's day card from the older one, a picture of two owls and one is saying to the other "Actually it is 'to whom'.". Younger one is coming down to visit and we go out to eat later.
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    My day went normal until I saw this movie at the library called like Cristiano Ronaldo. Except it wasn't about the soccer player it was about an Italian ex-convict.

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    Winston, good luck to your daughter. It's a difficult age. My youngest two are 19 and 20. I think any of us would love to be younger, but given the chance, I wouldn't go back to those ages for all the money in the world.

    19, I was in Panama. 21/22, I was off to Saudi. It wasn't a bad period of my life, really. I do remember a lot of confusion, frequent moments of revelation, but also a lot of internal restlessness.
    Sometimes, I wrestle with my demons. Other times, we just snuggle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkkin View Post
    Overall today was better, but there is a hollow place in our household right now, no dent on the back of the couch, no litter scattered on the floor...little things.

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    Cat Cat, Queen of Everything 6/10/2019

    Oh my ... what a dear obituary. I have never met your kitty but I've been there. My condolences, Darrkin.
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