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Thread: So... How'd Your Day Go?

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    Have been soliciting for readers for this fall. I have 5 so far, with another 2 possible. They are mostly moms with teenage-ish daughters and one recently teen young lady. I am so excited. I wrote this manuscript over a decade ago and life has just been too busy to dust it off until yesterday, which is the official start of its rewrite. Their feedback will give perspective on what they want to see their daughters reading, how they think it will connect with today's youth, and hopefully they will pass along the manuscript so I can get some teen reader input, too. I originally wrote this story for high school / college aged students but am now thinking it might fit better with middle school aged students instead. Hopefully their feedback will help me resolve this marketing question!

    I have a very specific reader-response critique sheet in mind to help my readers provide the useful insight I am looking for. (It's variation on one Orson Scott Card shared in one of his books on writing.) Maybe I will post it when I get that far?

    Now, on to make that rewrite happen!
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    My son's been busy since he was appointed Cadet Battalion Commander of his Junior ROTC unit. And my wife and I have been busy supporting him. But he's been getting support from a bunch of folks.
    Here he is with his girlfriend right after his promotion:

    And here he is with his Command Staff after the ceremony:

    And today, after his unit won the drill competition during the Armed Forces Day Parade:

    Left to right: The wife of our State Representative, Battalion Senior Chief, Battalion Captain, 7-11 Regional Vice President, my son.
    Our state Representative has been there for our kids. He attends all their functions. Brought his kids today (7 and 9 years of age). One dressed as a Big Bite hotdog. When the other son didn't want to dress as a Slurpee, our Rep put on the costume. He helped cook hotdogs and served our kids, as well as the parade attendees.
    And, can we stop hating on "corporate America" all the time? Please? 7-11 let us use their parking lot, provided food and prize money. The franchise owner was there on a Saturday, losing money. But the owner was smiling.
    Everyone was smiling. That's the neat thing that happens when a community comes together.
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