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Thread: So... How'd Your Day Go?

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    Anubis? Who's a good demigod? Stay.
    Now, play dead.

    Sorry. Sleep deprived. Intestinal discomfort last night. Son's concert ran late, dinner didn't have time to digest before bed.
    Everyone is out of the house now. Going to settle in and watch Space 1999 on YouTube. Sure, the acting is wooden, and the plots are jumbled messes...
    but they blow something up every episode. Eagle pilots are that series Red Shirts.

    "Now let's all agree, never to be creative again."

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    Ide call my Anubis Trump...
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Bwahahahahahahaha... he'd have filled your house with Mexican Rats for you to leave, if you named him Trump

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    Trying to be friends for one day, then back to normal after that.

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    Chore day. Mostly inside the house, but I did lay down some beauty bark outside along our driveway. We have the pretty daffodils sprouting. They deserve a presentable bed.
    Did some writing. Then, sliced some lemon and threw it in my hard lemonade I'm brewing.
    Got a call from my daughter. She has an interview for an entry-level job at the shipyard. She's excited, and I'm happy for her.

    "Now let's all agree, never to be creative again."

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    Last writers group meeting, I had about two ounces of brewed coffee in milk, with a sandwich, at 7:00 PM. At 5:30 AM, I stopped being completely wired. The next day I was tired and idly sipped some soda, boom migraine and again, could not sleep.
    So I haven't had caffeine in three days. My head has been hurting nonstop and my productivity is suffering.


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