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Thread: So... How'd Your Day Go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Green Shield View Post
    • I’m not happy about this — the idea that once a week/two weeks I’ll be jabbing myself with a needle. What the hell for? What does testosterone do besides make a man hairy and sexually active? Surely I can live without it, right? I’m cool with not being hairy and I don’t care about sex. I’m not gonna die from lack of testosterone.
    If you DO end up needing to poke yourself...
    I'd actually recommend twice a week, since my husband and a lot of guys get cranky around the sixth or seventh day. I take my shots subcutaneous in the belly like insulin; 1ml needle is important here so you can use a 25+ gauge twist on needle with the heavy oil. (The pharmacy will try to give you a 3ml needle; they are NOT an acceptable substitute.) Twist the needle back and forth a little before you poke it in, as it seems to push any nerve endings out of the way gently if you hit one, so that it'll be more consistent. If you can handle slapping your own arm, you can handle a 25 gauge needle, it doesn't sting much at all. This is the stuff I do to make it so that routine is a non-issue.

    Also, when using the gel, you need to be careful of how you give it to yourself so you aren't accidentally dosing your loved ones. I have no tips for that, though.

    And no testosterone makes moods go crazy, bone density, energy levels, and some muscle stuff get dangerously bad.
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    Yet again, I bravely entered the fray, moving vehicles to the left of me, moving vehicles to right... I charged down the 101, the 405, the 118- fire!, geesus a CAR FIRE! at the left of me. Shit-a-crapton, I should've got off back there.

    Shoulder!- get to the shoulder!

    I make my way round- hope I don't get a ticket. No, they'll be too busy. Parked cars- stopped cars, wth?-

    I weave deftly.

    Christ-on-a-cupcake- they're taking f-ing videos. F U people, you'll never be famous! Get a life- get the hell out of my way!

    Bravely I enter the fray...

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    Woke up when I damn well pleased, went to the gym with my wife and worked out, then went out to breakfast. Now I'm at work and browsing various writing prompts, working on a couple of different projects, enjoying the amazing weather we're having, and looking forward to going to the dojo, this evening. Life is good.
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    A 3-point tremor is small but sometime one wonders if it foreshadows a larger quake. Fracking appears to be the cause of tremors in my area.
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    Happy Friday all! Doing some writing and attempting to develop some worldbuilding in the expositions. 😛 Iím a slow learner, but Iím getting there. Thirteen (somewhat incomplete chapters) in, but better than no chapters at all.

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    We have had no hot water in my apartment building for two days and now today started off with no heat! They are in the process of replacing the boiler, which was probably older than me, and I'm looking forward to hot showers again. I've had my fill of barely warm showers, which has been going on for weeks. I have really long hair, and I'm always terrified of hearing the announcement that the water will be shut off for repairs, just after I lather up - LOL! It hasn't happened yet, and with the new equipment, hopefully, it never will. I feel like crawling back in bed, under the electric blanket, until heat in some fashion arrives. Summer?

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    Aw, Sue... That sucks. So sorry! Few things worse than an unsolicited cold shower! (I sometimes take cold showers after a particularly grueling workout, but this is by choice)
    Me: "You know the way a gun barrel tastes?
    Everyone: Uh... No.

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    What do you do when your Christian co-workers are pushing a fellow co-worker (who isn’t Christian) to go to church when he clearly doesn’t want to? Basically, he is Buddhist as well as his family and girlfriend. He went to the Baptist church a few times, but the second time they (the people in the church) kept pushing his girlfriend to join them, asking her if she’s been ‘saved’. He doesn’t want to go back, yet the others keep pushing, asking ‘why’.

    I want to help him, but I’m not sure how. Advice?

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    Read Richard Dawkins 'The God Delusion'. Someone once called him 'The high priest of atheism', he will give you all the arguments you need to rant until they really don't want to talk about religion anymore. Over here I regularly see copies in thrift shops.
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    ^ To be fair, I don’t wanna get fired/become the most hated person in the company.

    He said he’d handle it; that he’s used to it and he’ll just keep telling them he’s going to the Temple, but next time I’ll let him know that HR is an option if he feels he’s being harassed. Though I doubt he’ll do it, as he’s not the sort that’s gonna raise hell like that.

    That said, I tried speaking out but I got called out because I not only snapped, but I apparently butted into a conversation that didn’t concern me.

    I’ll see what I can do next time that happens. :3 I could distract them by deliberately doing something stupid like tip over a trash can. Or attempt to take out the trash acting like it’s something we’ve always done. This, I can easily do.

    That said, I did tell him he’s not obligated to explain why, or indeed say anything. He doesn’t want to go back, he doesn’t want to go back. I even said, “As an Episcopal, I suggest you go back to your family to the Temple” as he clearly isn’t comfortable at the church.


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