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    Quote Originally Posted by Olly Buckle View Post
    Argue or discuss? 'Argue' and I would tend to agree with you, though I might not use the language.
    Argue. As in he claimed I had a pinched nerve in my spine, when all x-rays, MRI's, and nerve conduction studies he wanted done very clearly showed otherwise.

    In fact, 'the guy' ( Dr. Franklin Holmes, a specialist in not only neurology, but sports medicine as well, at Vanderbilt university. ) said my spine was in better shape than a man my age had a right to expect.

    And the General Practitioner that I was seeing had been seeing me for 20 years at that time, and knew my full history. ( No back injuries or problems, ever. )

    He ( the GP ) got irritated when I wouldn't go to the back specialist he wanted to send me to next, after Dr. Holmes' exams and reports, and I told him to go do some things that are probably anatomically impossible, and haven't been back since.

    And believe me, Olly... if you'd been put through wringer and run-around I'd already been, you'd use the language too. I'd be willing to bet even a nun would.

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    Finally talked to a doctor who has a son who has dyslexia, dysgraphia, and attention deficit disorder. She is my doctor who will evaluate me for dyslexia next week.

    My computer cord stopped working so I have been visiting much less. My computer doesnt charge.

    Bought myself a kindle fire for reading my science fiction classics and fantasy.

    I hope to repair my ipad. I might use it more often to write documents. Depending on what the doctor says. I need to update the computer. But the eletrical cord needs to be fixed. I am currently using my dad's ipad.

    I am reading Maren elwood's book supposedly studied by ray bradbury ( Characters make your story I believe it is titled). I need my computer to be fixed. One note is the program that I am using to study it.

    I have a couple of ideas I have thought off. I want to rewrite a story I wrote.

    I hope to share my findings or notes on maren elwood notes I took with the forum.

    I have a huge family and must go to church since a cousin of my mother died.

    So many things I want to do such as study, but I learn best by notetaking. Maybe I will put my contact information for people as a tutor. But first I need to solve my problems. I need to first do all the above.

    I suspect I will find out how I learn best when I go see the specialist for dyslexia.
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    As an aspiring indulger in anachronisms I today spotted one on BBC TV in a piece on their own history, no less. During the potted history they showed an old clip with the seasonal words "Christmas on BBC1" in both the caption and sound track in a segment about the 1950s, but in that decade the channel name BBC1 just didn't exist. It was introduced when their second channel BBC2 was opened in the 1960s. During the 1950s their solitary TV channel was simply called the "BBC Television Service". Of course in true English style as a mandatory licence fee payer I wrote to them today to point out their error or deception.

    The amusing part is that it occurred in a programme predominantly about buying and selling antiques, so they were apparently attempting to sell us one of their own as something older than it really was, which was hardly setting a good example. Also, in a coincidence of the sort that I find to be far too common in my life, I wasn't even watching the programme but just walked into the room at the very moment that the offending clip was shown, especially to rile me apparently.

    Very few recordings of any BBC TV programmes from the 1950s exist as they didn't get their first video tape recording system VERA (Video Electronic Recording Apparatus) working reliably until 1958 and then quickly scrapped it anyway. In the 1950s BBC TV programmes had to be filmed to be recorded at all. Even when they did eventually get video tape recording equipment they had a policy of reusing the tapes, so many programmes that had been recorded were erased and lost, something that they now regret.

    Just today there was mention in the news of some more recordings of lost BBC TV programmes from the 1960s made by outsiders from transmissions being found in archives abroad. Well, there's another coincidence then.
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