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    Quote Originally Posted by TuesdayEve View Post
    Just saw several mini flocks of Sandhill Cranes
    flying south together and calling from waayy up
    there with their unique sound. So cool.
    Well if they're lookin' for a warm spot they don't need to stop here... The low was 27 or so last night, with a high of only 40 or so today, then back into the freezer tonight at an expected 22. So it seems winter is putting in an early appearance.

    Ah well, so much for "global warming", I guess.

    Oh, and speaking of Trump and politicians, about the only thing good I can say about him is that he isn't shy about speaking his mind. You don't have to wonder about what he might be thinking.

    Also, I should add that even after living through every president since Kennedy, I can't say I've ever noticed much difference in any of 'em, when it comes right down to it.

    But then I'm also of the school of thought that if you wanna know if a politician is lying, just watch for his/her lips to move.

    ...which makes me worry that one'a these days, we'll end up with Jeff Dunham as president and thing'll really go sideways...

    Leave it be and it won't bother you.
    Screw with it, and it'll eat you alive.

    Soon enough, nations will play second fiddle to corporations.

    "The world is not what we wish it to be; it is what it is."
    "Freedom is the value, not protection."

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    T.E...People over here like to think politicians are all honorable people who nearly all our ex lawyers who suddenly want to contribute to society and are not on the reality people know they are just like themselves and will do what they have to to get on...the working class here are sheep and it's only when the upperclasss need them that they give them the war generation is dead it's back to screw them...I look at USA an realize were following your political system and basically were just 30 years behind yous in everything.
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    I gotta say my day, went well. I've been active duty USAF for 15 years and was told yesterday I'm being recommended to the wing command chief for a position outside my regular job duties starting in Mar of next year. Really hoping it all pans out but it gives me something else to look forward to as this year winds down to a close and the new one begins.

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    Took a leap of faith and wrote my first rondeau. Lovely form I had not tried before. Something I will definitely have to work with more in the future.

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    Dear Darkkin,
    Sometimes I feel like I’m following you.
    I’m giving rondeau a try too.
    ‘Every man is guilty
    of all the good he did not do’


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    My nephew and his fiancée just lost everything in Paradise, CA. Her mother lost her home too. They had a couple cats and a rabbit. Don't think the critters made it.
    Housing will be tight with the remaining available homes and apartments. They're all moving in together, with her brother and girlfriend.
    My nephew was right back to work at Target. He'll start his shift at the mental health crisis center tonight. His fiancée works at the local hospital, and they could not let her leave to go home and save anything.
    I'm glad none of them were injured. Still, I feel sad and helpless.
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    Losing all their stuff is tough, but they didn't lose each other, that has to be a big win. Trouble can bond people real tight sometimes.
    A new story

    I finally got 'A Family Business' recorded and loaded, all 37 mins of it, much longer than any I have done before.
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    Sunday night slipped in the bedroom and crashed into a bed rail. Bleeding ,nauseous, Vickie called the ambulance. They took stiches in my lip and lower jaw. Did MRI, no further damage. Second time this year I've fell. Since Vickie can't drive anymore, had to take a cab home. I look like I've been in a bar fight, and dang I'm feeling old.
    "Put not your trust not in princes, in the children of men,
    in whom there is no salvation."
    Psalm 146

    Timely, isn't it?

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    Ciudado, Mano. Con cuidado...

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    My boyfriend's father passed away last week so I wrote a letter saying how much I cared for and admired him. My boyfriend has the same name as his Dad did. Once I accidentally sent a love letter to his Dad instead of to embarrassing. But, his Dad handled it with such care, sensitivity and humor. He mentioned it to no one either, but I did. From then on his Dad was my 'sweetheart' and he'll be sorely missed. Losing someone is as difficult as any experience in life...this I know for certain.


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