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    Bring on the new messiah
    where ever he may roam...

    your brittle heart...

    yep, bought two tickets to echo and the bunny men. I'm excited!

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    they are having the company-wide training the week before the Alan Parsons event I got tickets for.... they told us to mark our availability for any of three weeks and .... a r g h ... I was concerned as this was a big thing for me.
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    A few weeks ago my computer failed. It is a home made clunker from pre windows 7. I have a caddy system which used to allow me to swap operating systems, usually between Linux for online stuff and XP for studio stuff. I had to fit a new motherboard and Pentium chip which is no longer compatible with XP. I managed to acquire a copy of windows 7 to replace XP, only my legacy studio software is not compatible. A long search has provided me with a curious problem. I don't use my studio version computer online and all the modern studio software requires access to the internet. Also it is very expensive and I don't fancy another load of steep learning curves. It is cheaper and more efficient for me to buy an old computer.

    Today I had a play with Audacity, now my head hurts.

    Why does nothing ever work properly first time?

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    Home alone this weekend with the fuzzies, (Rue Dog, Cat Cat, and Zwi). Rue and Cat Cat are sitting on me and Zwi is asleep on the rug next to me...Guess I'm not going anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazz cargo View Post
    ...Why does nothing ever work properly first time?
    Because you're working on a computer, silly. Building and maintaining your own system is masochism.
    But you can't admit that you get any pleasure from that, lest folks think you're some kind of pervert.
    But admit it. You do enjoy it.

    We just got back from a weekend camping trip. Took out our old tent trailer, the luxurious "Ghettolicious". She's over 20 years old now. Broke a wiring harness before we even stepped-off. No one in town carries the right model. Had to splice-on a new four-prong adapter, which amazingly worked. Half the stuff on the trailer doesn't work (but the brakes and turn signal lights do). The roof exhaust fan would squeal, and then refuse to turn on. I smacked it a few times and it's back spinning. The door sticks, but the gas stove still works.
    So we just cooked a lot of food and laid around. Played some cards. Enjoyed the spectacular night sky that you can only appreciate once you leave town.
    My son fished, while I read and napped. The girls left the campsite to stroll along a nearby farmer's market.
    Now Summer is about over. Just one more trip with the family. With God's grace there will be more. But I do appreciate each and every one.

    "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"

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    Labor day weekend was pretty decent. I'll be suspending two students in the morning unfortunately, which might put a damper on my Tuesday.

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    Today we went to a pub lunch with pensioners from my former company, which was taken over and wound up early this century. The numbers attending these lunches are growing fewer and many there were in their eighties, making us some of the youngest, but it was an excuse for a meal out for a change.

    I was just looking through my email archives from 2011 and saw a small anecdote of the sort that I now mention here on WF so as we weren't members then I'll repeat it now just to prove that we have always indulged in such banter about using precise language.

    An article in our local newspaper reported that "From October it will cost a pound an hour to park in one of the town's car parks." My angel's reaction was "Which one? We'll go to a different one then."
    It's a shame that they didn't understand the difference between "one" and "any".

    Here's another remark from my 2011 archive.

    My angel pointed out to me that a BBC announcer had just said "For further information go to slash my painting." Vandalism by the BBC? Whatever next?
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    My favourite is the one in the rest area on the A21 which says 'Warning police crime initiative plain clothes police operate in this area' I love the way they put no punctuation at all on these notices, but blooming heck, isn't life hard enough already without the police initiating crime? I wonder where the uniform branch go to break the law?
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    I'm going to change the oil in my daughter's car. It'd be cheaper and quicker to take it somewhere, but kids need to feel like someone is looking out after them.
    That someone should be their parents.
    Later, I'm going to try to plant some Shitake mushroom spores. The area I'm utilizing is probably too warm and light, but the Pacific Northwest Winter is approaching. They take about 9 months to sprout, hopefully ready before mid Spring.

    "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"

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    A good day, got a bit done in the garden, but spent most of it visiting Great Comp, a beautiful garden with a good collection of salvias near Wrotham. In case you are wondering Wrotham is pronounced root-ham, you weren't! Always wonder how English place names are pronounced, it is so often not the way they are written Came home and had beans on toast and tea, the perfect compliment for each other.
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