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    Spent six hours today ankle-deep in dysentery in the basement of my boss's titty bar.

    You know damm well I got open bar and a show after I was done.

    Gave my best fiend five bucks to go cheat on his wife. Sigh.

    Saw my bartender and found out she's already trying to fuck someone. I honestly laugh at this retarded bitch now. I swear I need better taste in women.

    Overall, today sucked balls.

    If that ain't life, I'unno what is.
    :[ That sucks, Rhythm. Good thing today’s over, yes?

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    Found an interesting website today Sas for people with dyslexia or any disability. (this is the main one that has software sorted by prices, and you can shop for one using any disability is covered, any. For example dyscalculia and visual handicaps or special needs)

    This is a good website for people who are parents, special educators, and disabled people. It has a search engine to search for software for specific disabilities such as dyscalculia and gives you a price range to work with. You can narrow down the options according to the diagnosis. There are many options in software technology for disabilities. I searched and found the one within my budget that could help me that I linked above. I tried wynn reader by freedom scientific. It is developed for people with all sorts of disabilities: aphasia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism but for reading and writing. Supposedly people who have these disabilities gave feedback on its software development. They supposedly use in schools and colleges in the United States. The downside is you can't with the demo proofread in chrome. Or proofread a post in an email. They give you a 40-minute demo for 30 days to try out. It's better than my old text screen reader, and I kind of like it more than read and writes. Because it is not a subscription it is cheaper. That being said, I like how I can see the document in a much bigger window. It provides spacing, masking, and has different voices and fonts. It has more options such as adding a note recorded by using your voice as a summary.

    If a person needs more help with physical print books they could always get the pearl scanner, which lets you read books with a camera (you need the software). At 99 dollars the software is a bargain, for reading and writing (I paid 300 for my previous one that does something similar but malfunctioned with windows updates and always required the latest version of the word). For scanning, you need to shell about 600 or more I think which I do not need yet.

    If no one who feels they are disabled likes it, they can always use the first website mentioned since it has a vast collection you can search and filter for until you find the right one for a budget, disability, and so on.

    I think there is a software that lets you peer review papers online. I need to develop my grammar skills for that. I know this was helpful for me. I wish I had seen or known it sooner.

    Hopefully, I can become independent when correcting my paperwork such as stories with this software.

    All my searches indicate good text to speech readers and dragon speaking software is what people with writing problems use. But need to research people with reading problems to know more.
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    Wish there was a hug button to click! Great info. Thank you, so very much!!!!! sas

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    You are welcome. I know it could be helpful for someone in your situation. It is always a pleasure to receive and give help. I searched the internet after many attempts to find information concerning my own problems with mixed success. I knew you'd probably think it was useful. I was surprised at what I found and decided to post it. Hope your granddaughter sees some more positive progress in school. It is too important to ignore what people say, like in my case. Especially to neglect someone's language problems is another such issue. But usually, it is because of lack of knowledge or research people can't access or find it seems to me. In my case, I still, will need to see a doctor. But this is the information I was hoping to find. One I found useful and can be used right away. I know my family's problems aggravate the situation a bit. I have always felt you could have that sort of help. I know you care for her a lot. So it will not be a lost cause or problem that could get worse. Always a pleasure to help someone in the situation I was in. Lastly, technology has advanced a lot. Decades and years ago diagnosis in autism were almost impossible to accept. Yet people succeeded despite doctors saying they could not learn. I've seen a movie by temple Grandin for instance. I have seen how people live with silent disabilities. I definitely recognize the emotion.
    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)

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    I wish I could chip-in with Tales of Dragons Slain. No advice. Nothing positive to inspire... anyone.
    I'm not in a 'bad space', just kind of in limbo. All I did yesterday was binge-watch Netflix. Washed a load of clothes. Think I forgot to dry them. Just got around to washing dishes from Friday.
    Got to go out and do errands. My hair is weeks overdue for a trim. Cat box ain't gonna clean itself.
    Just saw a solicitation for submissions at a site called The Prepper Journal. That would be right in my wheel-house. If I felt like swinging.
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    Dear TGHouse,
    Having known many autistic kids ranging the spectrum
    over the years, I was very excited to have discovered
    the movie about Temple Grandin’s life you refered too.
    For those of you that have never heard of her.... briefly,
    Temple Grandin grew up in the 50’s when autism was
    not as understood, she had a brilliant mind wired to
    visualize pictures and less intellectual absorption with
    hearing/listening... this was a tremendous point for me
    to the learning process of a shade on the spectrum.
    The movie shows the ups and downs in various schools,
    coping tools she created for herself, her determination
    and while visiting her aunts cattle ranch during summers
    and relating to the cattle's stress at slaughter, she
    redesigned the method in which cattle are led which
    stands today. And, went on to become a proffessor. As
    research improved her autism was given a name,
    Asperger’s. If you have an interest, google her and see
    the movie...Claire Dane plays Temple Grandin in this very
    interesting movie.

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    Grandin has several books, as well. Animals in Translation, Talking in Pictures, Different not Less, and The Autistic Brain. Other books that offer insight, Neurotribes, a History of Autism by Silberman. Being spectrum and ADHD, and being told repeatedly that you are broken because you don't think the same way normal people do, you go looking for answers wherever you can find them. For me, that is in facts and logic. Saltz's The Power of Different also offers really interesting insight into the physical brain differences in people with conditions like ASD.

    - D.

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    How my day go?
    Had a mostly "I hate life, gonna have wine" day. Been up since 2:30 in the morning...

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    As update, last Monday, my granddaughter was evaluated by neroupsychologist (she's had other professional & expensive evaluations over the years) who will be new tutor. We are fortunate that money is available for such help. I have always told my children, and now my grandchildren, that money isn't for buying "stuff", but you better damn well have it, in order to try to save those you love. If anyone doesn't think money is important, come to America. It rules. My family, at least, has a shot at saving ours. I am sorry that others may not.


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    Thanks, sas for sharing. As always I am interested in listening what your experiences offer. It can be frustrating and thus emotionally reckoning for school years and beyond. Your daughter studies, responsibly, and I think she will provide a good example, of people who have special needs. You're like a good second parent to her I can imagine.

    Saving families is what recognizing a disability and treating it on the spot is all about. You're the "good Samaritan."

    I hopefully will not need to go to one neurologist. Speech pathologists treat adults. I don't mean this in a bad way. You and your daughter's struggles are interesting to listen to because I know it's a personal and social story that shows concern. It is interesting since I am going through a similar experience.

    About my update. The books I bought arrived.

    I am copying an imitation by example. That is I am using a book to compose my ideas more cohesively in this post at least. I am going to need a notebook and to start by practicing on the website. I have used the composition rules on the website and by composing some sentences. The books arrived 30 minutes ago.

    I do suspect something is not right concerning me, though I understand in my own ways by my writing. That I too need help but mine will be closer to birthday to see such a professional. My birthday is close by. I plan to see one such specialist since speech pathologists are meant for adults. But like a story, a complication is added to this one. One of my cousins suffered an accident. I have around 85 family members if a wedding list was made. My brother who is still getting married made me aware we are that much in number. This had made it difficult to seek help. Because of the accident, I hope my cousin survives, and right now my mom said to wait.

    I plan to go about it going to that speech pathologist when things do calm down. I am getting 4 notebooks for each of the 4 books I read. I am going to treat my studying of English as if these were afternoon classes.

    Let me know any other updates. I probably have a milder disability in reading so that makes it so that two people I know off who have special needs and require education and help. But to prove or disprove the condition, I am willing to study English composition again. I also have a book on English sentence structure which is probably going to take many hours and days to finish. Another one on composition. John Gardner recommended an American rhetoric. Reading that many books is painful and soul-crushing.
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    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)


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