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    Quote Originally Posted by Fowly View Post
    Yeah, often times I'll wait and see if someone know the person if they say their name xD.
    Today's a new day. Let's make it a good one. I have a lot to do as I am moving to a new place this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
    Today's a new day. Let's make it a good one. I have a lot to do as I am moving to a new place this weekend.
    Sounds exciting, and I'm sure stressful xD

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    So, er, remember when I said that my idea involving flying llamas, a cat-woman, an army of the undead and an invading army was so stupid I literally forwarded it to the creators of Saints Row thinking they could use it?

    They. Responded!
    "Sorry, but we can't comment on future plans at this time."


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    Quote Originally Posted by sas View Post
    Cuban Missle Crisis: Yes, 1962, year I graduated high school. And, for the record, Khrushshev did not blink. Records released, after mandatory 50 years hidden from public, tell the real story. The U.S. had placed missiles in Turkey. Under the table, Kennedy agreed to remove them, but not for several months after Russia turned back, so there would not be the obvious connection.

    Remember this. All governments lie. Quite a shock to me as I've aged. I now know Gary Powers, by his own recent acknowledgement, was shot down over Russia on spy mission, not over neutral airspace, as we were told. (Those dirty Commies) And, yep, we were in Cambodia. I believe no one and nothing any government says. Best do the same.

    The Smart Too Late Sas (a world citizen, although I'd prefer another planet sometimes)

    You'd think after 53 years they'd allow the real story. I'm afraid it's been so long the one's in the know are just about all dead ( if not all). They do have a recording of Khrushchev going off- so angry when he learned Kennedy had been assassinated. He'd been on vacation at the Black Sea. It seems pretty authentic and he himself was ousted in a matter of months.
    The commies were bastards, by the way. The Finns had it right when they put them all up against the wall.

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    Kev, Actually the real story was released. There is still a government muzzle, on some information being released, for 50 years. I read about it when it was finally released. So much for our supposed open government. I actually think the Millennials are not as ignorant of this duplicity as previous generations were, and some still are (those left from The Greatest Generation have too many of the clueless). They've no idea that the 50s weren't even the 50s, as they thought it.
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    All these fires South and East of us. Dropping bits of ash now. The air is a sickly brown-grey. Just nasty.
    I'll say some prayers for any folks closer to the fires. They have problems worse than air quality.
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    (Hopefully this'll make people feel better...)

    Hey-ho! I just found the perfect tag line for my Sci-Fi, and it's from the Christian Bible.

    "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

    It's perfect for the plot and the theme for several of my characters. Thanks, J-Man!

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    a woman opened the door for me as I came out the supermarket loaded down with shopping..that was a first
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Mine was going well until now...I just flooded my bathroom...shoot....
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    Quote Originally Posted by H.Brown View Post
    Mine was going well until now...I just flooded my bathroom...shoot....

    was your big toe stuck in the tap while the firemen sorted it out...
    The only one who can heal you is you.


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