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    Darkkin, love the title of that book! The Power of Different. Yes! Exactly! It is on my list now to order.

    I have always been able to write, in cursive, upside down and backward, even using two hands, at once, toward each other. Maybe I am the reason my granddaughter is dyslexic. Hmmm.

    You're published...thumbs up! Not surprising, at all. I know I will be published, eventually. I've instructed that my obituary be an elegy poem I wrote about myself. Smiles.

    Glad your health is improving. Ever onward. Sas

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    Darkkin, Glasshouse...

    I really can't wait to get the book, The Power of Different. I hate the "dis" stuck onto "abeled". My daughter is physically disabled, due to a lifetime illness. It has empowered her. I always say, I birthed the woman I always wanted to be. She became so much more because she had less. Having a smooth ride, in life, more often conveys no advantage.

    I've had a smooth ride. That is why I still test myself in steep mountain climbs, above tree line, off trail. I just took my granddaughters with me, last week. They need to know they can overcome & reach, high. They are too privileged. Worrisome. Sas

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    Welcome back.

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    So, it's been raining. A lot. Part of our fence is down but that's the worst of it thus far. Oh, and everything being closed.

    We're provisioned for a week and we live near a substation so power outages tend to be short when they occur.

    Harvey Wallbanger has flooded some of our friends. I foresee some GoFundMes.
    Dream big, fight hard, live proud!

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    How much rain have you gotten so far, Annie? The Weather Channel was calling for 24 to 30 inches in Houston.
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    Get off at my stop, I'll meet you there.
    oh golly!
    forgot you are in South Texas!
    Thinking about you!
    NaPoWriMo Medallist twice. Just sayin'.

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    Welcome back, Sas. It's great to (sort of) see you again.

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    17,730 Words in my Fantasy!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmustard615 View Post
    How much rain have you gotten so far, Annie? The Weather Channel was calling for 24 to 30 inches in Houston.
    About 23 inches according to our neighborhood rain gauge. Now, it's currently raining hard enough I can hear it so that number is going up. They call for "4-8 inches" overnight in my specific area. It's dark so I can't give a visibility report.

    With Ike, our damage was caused by the wind finagling shingles off the roof and allowing the rain in. The winds have been mild with Harvey, so that hasn't been an issue. I think that section of fence was up for replacement soon anyway--it is 20 years old, not having been downed and rebuilt due to Ike. The rebuilt fence is fine. astroandy hates building fence but does a good job when it needs done.
    Dream big, fight hard, live proud!

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    So... something just occurred to me...

    In 'Attack of the Clones', Anakin gets his arm chopped off by Count Dooku.

    In 'Empire Strikes Back', Luke gets his hand chopped off by Darth Vader.

    Seeing the pattern here? Something tells me Rey's gonna have to really watch her limbs in 'The Last Jedi'... o____o


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