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Thread: So... How'd Your Day Go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by astroannie View Post
    I started work on my first from-scratch Oracle PL procedure. I am still debugging, but I'm pleased with what I've done.
    You probably don't work with this, but my Java tends not to want to update for some reason. It goes to the updating screen then goes completely black. It happens on occasion, even with a clean install. Do you have any idea of what would cause this?

    Quote Originally Posted by James 剣 斧 血 View Post
    I had a minor breakdown at the hands of maths. The thought that something that could be so meaningless is the difference between continuing my degree or being set back and suffering another 9000 of debt is rather stressful.
    I feel ya. Student loans. The idea of having to dig yourself out of compounding debt is not an easy decision or thought.
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    Hooked up a new projector screen to go with the new 3D projector. We're just WATING for MKX to come out, y0. 9 is so freakin' epic on the big screen.

    Until then? 4-player CoD:AW. Each box is like sixty inches, haha.

    I can't wait to play Evil Within or Dying Light on it. RAWR!
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    Listed my house here in Georgia for sale yesterday about 2pm. Today, as of a few minutes ago, we have multiple offers. Going to sell this beeotch.

    Moving to Denver where house prices are double what they are here. Fun times!

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    So I'm chairing an event in June (ApolloCon (dot org)) and we are placing deposits with the hotel. There was one due last month and one this month so our treasurer wrote two checks and hand-delivered them to the hotel last month.

    Today, in my inbox, is a reminder of the due date of this month's portion. Oops. So I wrote back and forwarded the message where the hotel liaison indicates she's received both checks. She says she contacted the finance department and they had no record.

    Meanwhile, I'd contacted the treasurer at the beginning of this farce and asked if the check had been cashed. It had.

    Sweetly, I wrote to the hotel, "Under the circumstances, should we file a fraud complaint with our bank?" Within 15 minutes, they determined that they had, in fact, received the payment.
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    It's raining, but the wind is blowing so hard, it's actually rain sideways. And the cat stole my Dorito...Yeah, not a whole lot going on in my world.

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    My niece is just over 1 years old. She's learning basic sounds and says "tay" (take) if she handing you something.

    She picked up her mums shoe because they were going out and was pointing it at her. My sis was doing a few things before she could get to her, so, Ms. Niece started saying:

    "Tay... tay.... tay... taay.... taay... Taaay... Taaay.... Taaaaay.... Taaaaaay! Taaaaaaaaaay! Taaaaaaaaaaaay! Taaaaaaaaaaaay!"

    She's adorable (:
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    So far so good. Rainy, muggy and very humid outside so I'm indoors where its dry and cozy.

    Also, while rooting though old junk and stuff in my room, I stumbled upon an old book I got back in 2004 (11 years ago, that I never got around to reading. It's called Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul and at the time, I wasn't really into reading fantasy. Now that I am, well...let's just say I'm now going to prepare a snack and start reading it.

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    Paul's books are very good, I 'm an old school McCaffery fan, myself. And so far, I haven't been tempted to commit mayhem with my pen...Also, I have a poetry piece I 'm undecided on, don't know if I love it or hate it. This never happens because pieces I hate or am indifferent to, I delete. If I can't see the purpose in keeping it, why should anyone else? Gah! I can delete it later.
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    My day was going great.

    I slept most of the day yesterday. Because working nights, not because I'm lazy, although I am.

    I woke up to eat then just went back to sleep. Amazing feeling.

    So today WAS fine until I decided to spontaneously write a short story in the form of a very large poem.

    Why do I do this to myself!? Aaahg!
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