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    Following on from my recent hope of disposing of a load of junk several valuable vintage minicomputers for cash, I have spent several days looking for their control panels. They will be virtually useless without them. I have now searched my congested workroom twice, the entire loft, equally congested, at least three times and ninety-five percent of the ludicrously chaotically stacked garage at least once. Today I spent another ten minutes or so in the garage shifting junk to check another possible hiding place before the bitter cold drove me back indoors, where I resorted to removing the base panels from the kitchen units as I'd once considered that a place to store infrequently wanted items. All I found there was a spare pack of wall tiles for the kitchen and an extra shelf for the fridge, so the right idea but the wrong junk. I also checked through a dozen crates in the loft yet again and found another box of goodies that I previously couldn't, which means that those control panels are virtually the only items in my extensive heap of electronic technology that I can't lay my hands on. It's too late today to venture back into the freezing garage to search the other five percent of it, so I may have another sleepless night tonight.

    Oh, I almost forgot. I have also searched the cat's boudoir, that's the cupboard under the stairs to us, several times and run a vacuum cleaner around her bedroom in the process, so at least she's happy. Then there were all the shoeboxes in my wardrobe, which disappointingly all contained shoes ...
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    Yay me! For Christmas I get to buy a rebuilt rear-end for my truck. Well, only if I ever want it to move under its own power again. And since I did NOT win the lottery I must go to work.
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    Green Christmas.. Don't I wish. I don't need Green Christmas, I need green all the time. The kind that spends all the time.
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    I'm so goddamned excited and pumped! The end of a successful week and tomorrow I'll be going to a football game where my college team will be competing against New Mexico State University. I have the clothes all set out and am fully prepared to drown myself in the culture that is American College Football.

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    Continuing the saga of the vintage computers that I'm trying to dispose of, I eventually found their essential control panels in a slim box hidden under a toilet seat in the garage. (Okay, so what does one expect to find in a garage these days when cars have outgrown them and can stay outside all the time anyway?) However, today I realise that I have something of a dilemma to contend with.

    The potential purchaser revealed that the company that he represents is EDF, the energy company that supplies the electricity to our home. This means that EDF are using the money that I pay them to buy a heap of junk from me! I did tell him that paying me anything for the machines was optional as I just wanted to be rid of them, so now I'm feeling cheated as a bill-paying customer. So, should I complain? Should I heck! They'll be gone by Christmas. Anyway, he's the one paying me for them personally, so whether he gets the money back from EDF is his business, not mine.

    Actually I applaud EDF's efforts to keep their costs down by running old equipment into the ground rather than replacing it before it's absolutely necessary. I'd do the same. My machines will be used to train new engineers in their maintenance before they are let loose on the ones that they're actually using as it won't matter if they break anything.
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    'Sharing an experience creates a reality.' Create a new reality today.
    'There has to be some give and take.' If I can take my time I'm willing to give it.
    'The most difficult criticism that a writer has to comprehend is silence.' So speak up.

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    i'm going tanned this crimbo....light suede tan shoes,light blue jeans,tanned brown belt,and beige t-shirt with blue John Lennon face on it...and a light green army style jacket with green cap and finished of with a pair of brown,beige gloves...tan is the new black.....finished of with a tan man bag...
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    Just realized that I can post pictures from my phone to here, so here I am!

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    I work at a bookstore and at least two of the seasonal hires cannot spell receipt...This is the bookstore, come on. I before e except after c, and yes, there are two e's in the word. It is not recipt. The reply to this: Who cares? Answer: Readers, also known as our customer base.

    Ugh...Spelling and the alphabet matter, if you believe otherwise one must wonder why you work with books.


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    non of the beatles could read music dude.....
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Musical talent is a little different, and this wouldn't have annoyed me quite so much if they wouldn't keep posting notes at the register telling customers not to forget about gift receipts. We are supposed to print them automatically.

    It is the public placement of the notes that is the issue. We've been keeping a running tally of how many times managers have removed said notes and how many times they have reappeared and we've gotten comments from customers. On a positive note, our customers are very observant most have noticed the issue and mentioned it. At this point one wonders if the note posters are doing it merely to elicit a reaction...Who knows. You hate to see some one get written up over something so ludicrous, but yeah.


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