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Thread: So... How'd Your Day Go?

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    I haven't inflicted grievous bodily harm with my pen, (yet). Got lost on purpose yesterday, was at a funeral today, and still had to work. I have one day off this week, my first in more than a week and they call to ask if I can work... Politely wrathful, was how I like to explain it because had I said yes, I would have been looking at another 15 day run. This, on top of the fact that I haven't gotten any sleep in nearly three days is not doing me any good.

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    Yes, I do realize it unseemly for one to brag about his wealth, but being the most recent member of the nouveaux riche my gauche behavior is but to be expected. Last night I felt well enough - for the first time in a year - to make the weekly poker night with the boys, and to everyone's delight except all of theirs, I kicked their young butts from here to Timbuktu playing no-limit Texas Holdem. In a high-stakes game, I bought in for twenty bucks and cashed out a few hours later with two hundred. So I won a honkin' one eighty! I'm spending it, too. But I haven't yet settled upon what I will buy - something sedentary I can enjoy at home...

    How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
    Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music
    Creep into our ears: soft stillness and the night
    Become the touches of sweet harmony.

    - Shakespeare,
    Merchant...Act 5

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    I wondered if you were a player based on your COF submission that got nitty-gritty*. I used to play a lot of NLHE before moving to Minnesota (they only have spread limit). If you ever want to talk poker, or poker writing, message me immediately!

    *you over bet the pot with your fictional monster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by am_hammy View Post
    We had our first day of inventory today. Hallmark decided to outsource and hire a company to audit our product for us and then a select few of us double counted the important stuff afterwards. It was long. My day started at 5:30am. I felt good overall. What's even better is that I didn't realize I had off tomorrow which is awesome. It's nice to get that little surprise. It's the one time that reading the schedules wrong has been to my benefit.

    I ate "chili con queso" flavored pringles today, and bought a white chocolate Milka bar. Yum.
    Back at Dollar General, they always had a company do Inventory day. I was there for one. Two ratchet girls got in an argument and punched eachother. One of them was pregnant. Thankfully Bobby, a well loved and adored local Police Officer, was on the scene.

    Charges were pressed, and I think both of them lost their jobs. It was fuuuuun.

    But as far as my day...

    I woke up at 6:30. I don't know why.

    Bummed around and smoked until the sunrise, then I played Skyrim. My new character looks promising, being a stealth archer whom I can use well to snipe bandits. HEADSHOT, YES, NOOB! Teabagging time!

    Then, admittedly, I badly needed a shower. A few repeats of 'I believe I can fly,' and I'm clean as a whistle.

    I know it's going to get hot, but I put on FOUR belts, count em, four, and my 'The Real Mccoys Irish Pub' T-shirt, and favorite WF green trenchcoat, and booked it to the old MC to steal their wifi yet again.

    Then I see KLJo's avatar and laugh until everyone is giving me funny looks.
    Need advice? Or just some cheering up? PM.
    Or bug me on Skype. Any time I'm online.

    'I prefer to exist as a duality. Living alone is boring.'
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    Was the inventory company RGIS? I worked for those guys for about eight years. We counted some Hallmarks too. If I remember they were financial but we had to make sure we had the departments right. It was kind of a pain, but we were in and out in a few hours. I'm sure the Hallmark employees were there a lot longer though.
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    Received my results for my second year of uni today. Didn't do well enough to get on to a four year course (masters) now I'm stuck with a three year (bachelors) and the knowledge that all my friends who are going off abroad for a year will be back at uni the year after I graduate. Not really sure to express how disappointed I am right now, but at the very least my girlfriend is unhappy that I'd rather spend another uni because it means I'd rather be with my friends, whom she greatly dislikes, than her.

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    Finally woke to some good news, it's a happy day

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    Highs and lows, but Glass Girl is onto the next chapter of her tedious saga. If I never achieve anything else, at least I have that much done. Not much, but more than nothing and better than a finger in the eye.

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    Today I am in a wedding wearing a one-shouldered, bedazzled, floor-length, dress I have named, "The tangerine nightmare".

    Whatever might go wrong with your day, just know that I am out there suffering more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KLJo View Post
    Today I am in a wedding wearing a one-shouldered, bedazzled, floor-length, dress I have named, "The tangerine nightmare".

    Whatever might go wrong with your day, just know that I am out there suffering more.
    Bridesmaid dresses are, indeed, their own special circle of hell, although it is somewhat removed from the circle containing the people who talk at the movies...


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