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Thread: So... How'd Your Day Go?

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    Dug a big hole this weekend, we are putting a new barn at camp.

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    Well, off to work in a minute after what was a long Whitsun holiday weekend for most people in this part of the world. I ended up working part of it though.
    I do like the reasonably flexible hours of being self-employed; I can work my butt off and earn well or I can take a bit of time out if it gets a bit too much.
    The biggest bonus is that I work on my own and don't have to work for any customers who are a pain in the rear. I'm taking more work on soon so will start to cull the more recent messers.
    The life and times of a self-employed, English window cleaner

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    Finally got internet back after a week - I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Anyway, spent the past 4 hours trying to get our phones back online, and I didn't yell at any of the service people (I talked to at least 6). I think I should be nominated for sainthood. God, we couldn't get a phone call out, had to go outside to get a connection, in-and-out trying to get info needed, dogs barking, wife sick, if I had any hair I would have pulled it out. It seems our router wasn't talking to our microcell tower, ect. On top of everything else our room a/c has gone out and although we had a service contract they are having trouble finding service place near us. Remote location, indeed. I feel like running down the street screaming.

    I'm drinking a beer, I may have another. After this, I think I'll just go to the nearest insane asylum and tell them I'm ready for the booby hatch. Dadedadedahehehe. There has to be a story in here somewhere, Dave Barry I've got a good one for you!
    "Put not your trust not in princes, in the children of men,
    in whom there is no salvation."
    Psalm 146

    Timely, isn't it?

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    I'm just glad you're back up and among us, Midnight
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    You've been missed, Midnight!
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    How did my day go?

    Imagine that there's a little room with a dog in it and a fun game where people shoot at the dog with BB guns and the dog can't escape.

    I was the dog.

    This is what happens when I get together with my (success-driven) family and they're having a bragfest about all the awesome things that they've been achieving...and my kids are questioned about what they're doing which turns out to be a referendum on my parenting.

    So that sucked.
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    ^^^Well... I 'd say youuuu... had a much worse day than I did. Hope your tomorrow is better.

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    Quite good really, my job is physically challenging but with the hot weather the arthritis loosens it's hold. Eleven miles at work, I wear a tracker as a toy. Feel positive out walking people decades younger. Plus the job is such that I know what I'm expected to do...and what I can get away with

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    Only a few more hours, and I'm home free!

    At least the night shift means you can do whatever you want in the meantime.

    But our dang wireless internet's IP doesn't do right, so you have a five percent chance it's gonna connect properly.

    Been fussing with it but soon I'll just give up and go back to Skyrim. Then I can go hooooome.
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    So how did my day go?



    After having worked the Friday night shift, knocked off at 6.00 am, and realising that i hadn't brought some small change with me to pay for a new Megarider ( weekly bus ticket ), i walked a mile or so into Barkton. Found a newsagent, bought a newspaper to get some change, although i always get a newspaper on Saturdays anyway, then waited for a bus that would take me back to the outskirts and Aldi's.
    It amazes me that bus-drivers never seem to start the day with any amount of small change but there you go.
    Bus came, i got on, paid for my ticket, sat down and promptly fell asleep, as one does. Don't yer juss love it. Then having snoozed a good five or six miles on out of Barkton and way past my intended stop, but only as far as the next village, thankfully, i got off and waited for a bus that would take me back to Aldi's. I didn't have to wait long and was soon sitting in Aldi's car park reading my paper waiting for the store to open.

    Shopping done, i caught the next bus going into Barkton, waited for a bus to get me home, then, having lugged my bag of shopping ( it's a good ten minute walk from the bus-stop to where i live and i'm no slouch ) home, kicked them daisy roots off, man those puppies were yelping, put the shopping away, i sat down with a cup of sweet strong tea. Oh man, heavenly bliss.

    I'm not really a tea-drinker but i do start and end the day with a cup of tea, hot and strong, and sweet, and those two cuppas, for me, are to die for.

    But i still wasn't finished;
    I did myself a couple of bits o' toast, put them on a plate and coated them with re-heated tinned tomatoes that i'd cooked my Bratwurst in the day before. Sat for a few minutes, ate and recuperated and then, no way was i putting them damned boots back on, i dug out my old crocs, found my shopping-bag, got my feet in the street and went to get a bus to Rugely, and Asda's.

    At least when i go to these stores the buses stop at the door almost, so there are no long hikes involved when i go. I just have to stay awake that's all. "That's all"? Asda shopping went without a hitch, i wasn't in there long and actually caught the same bus that i'd got there in, on the return journey home.
    By the time i got off that bus, lunch time wasn't far off. The sun was high in the sky. I was dirty, sweaty and smelly and this aching old bod was sending out distress-signals, i wasn't sorry to see the inside of my home and this time there would be no tea ( or coffee ) drinking. Only one thing would hit the spot now. I grabbed a mug and my two litre bottle of Taurus and just sprawled on the living-room floor.

    Happy daze....................
    If i post a comment on a "WIP", LOOK! I'm a reader that's all, and i can only tell how i feel, as a READER, giving/offering feedback. Hoping to learn and grow here. So please, tell me where i'm going wrong.

    Me? I'm just a fly on the wall.

    Look! I'm trying, okay?

    One can but dream, if only i had dared.

    "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong" Mahatma Gandhi.
    Alas, i am weak.

    I must find a way to Eastbourne and i so wish that i could dance.


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