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Thread: So... How'd Your Day Go?

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    better than yesterday
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    Yesterday was my usual 40 mile trip to buy groceries for the month. There is a grocery store here but it's pretty useless. Fresh veggies are marginal, the meat is questionable, and they make most of their money on beer. We've been doing some shopping online and it works well, but if you get a broken package it's not worth sending back. Our life in the boondocks. I don't think I'd want to move back to the big city though. Rain last night, our tomato and pepper garden is thriving.
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    You know those times where you come within a hairs breadth of having a panic attack, but don't, but you still need time to calm down?

    Yeah. I'm gonna sit here and think about puppies for minute, then I'll go home and sleep off this work night.
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    Broadening her interests from quilting, last weekend the wife attended a rug hooking workshop, held at the facilities of some religious retreat. After she'd returned and was away from the phone, I picked up a call from one of her friends and told them she was tired because she'd been off hooking and praying. The wife didn't think it was funny.

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    Not a great day/night. I work for the national railway of NZ, monitoring the electrical network and calling people out for emergencies etc.
    There has been a fatality at a station. Train v pedestrian - suspected suicide. People are stuck on the train. Won't mention the body...
    Trying to find people at one in the morning to help the clean up is not a great feeling.
    I feel sorry for everyone involved, especially the driver who has now killed someone agaisnt their will.

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    I always feel bad for the drivers who just want to show up, punch in, do their shift, punch out and go home, but instead get to see human spaghetti smeared over their car mid-shift and have to carry on.
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    My day has just begun but I suspect it will go normally today. My boss won't be around which is glorious, and I'm actually working with someone who I like, so it makes it even better for me.

    It's gorgeous this morning. A bit of a cold front has come in after a swell of heat and still no rain. I'm not complaining though (minus the fact we could have a mini drought). I'm going to attempt my French Press again. Got it two days ago and tried it out yesterday and the coffee was too watery. I went looking for videos and they were talking about grinding the beans and how that plays a hand in pressing the coffee. If that's the case, I'm screwed because the lady at the store ground the coffee the wrong way then.

    I'm just going to assume that I'm doing it wrong.

    More and more, I find mornings to be wonderful. I've never been a morning person but it seems my body is geared towards waking up between 6-7am, and let me tell you, I like it. A lot.

    Hope everyone has/had/will be having a wonderful day ^_^
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    I'm still contemplating how to get the smell of burnt wood out of my apartment. Allow me to explain- ( for the sake of repetition- this is copy-pasted from my personal blog). So far all I've been able to do is leave the sliding glass door opened and let the place air out. The downside of this is that - despite the season - it's been cold.

    Thank You SCFD

    Posted On: May 21, 2015

    I’m taking a moment here to blog my thanks to Asst Chief Robinson and the Sioux City fire department. 5 engine crews came out last night between 2 – 2:30 am to contain a fire in the laundry room of my building. They were professional, courteous, and kind.

    I don’t have all of the details on the incident. What I do know comes from the statement of one of the few neighbors I know. A mid-40s bald white man had been found in the laundry room. My neighbor said she didn’t see any flames, just a whole lot of smoke. She asked what he if he had called 911. He said no so she made the call.

    My friends know that I have chronic insomnia- so an uninterrupted good night’s sleep is rare for me. Last night started out pleasantly- I got to bed at a decent hour, fell asleep almost immediately, and went into a good dream. I was woken about 2:30am with burning eyes and choking. It took me a moment to orient to what was happening. Once I got my glasses on I could see the smoke- even in the darkness of room. It was like a heavy fog permeating the air. The living room was just as bad. I went on auto-pilot- got dressed, slipped into my flip-flops and went outside.

    There were 5 fire trucks in the parking lot. The crews were at work on the laundry room and adjacent apartments. My neighbors were standing around, like me, wondering had happened.

    I believe that it was God who told me we’d be okay, that my girls were fine, and not to worry. And I thought about my friend Jen and the photos she had taken of firemen, and thought “man, I wish I had a camera.”

    My neighbor Karen was the one who caught the jerk in the act- whatever he was doing. I hope they catch the guy.

    After about 2 hours or so, we were cleared to return to our apartments.

    This is one kind of disturbance that I didn’t mind being awakened- although the manner was not pleasant.

    So, again, my thanks to the Sioux City fire department.
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    Another pretty Sunday for me. I always have off on Sundays unless it's during a holiday season, so I always look forward to them. I've been pretty productive so far...except I still haven't cleaned and done any laundry. But hey, it is Sunday after all.
    ".... But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
    All losses are restored and sorrows end."
    - William Shakespeare, Sonnet XXX

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    Night shift friday and saturday... uhg.

    But they gave me sunday and monday off.

    Played Skyrim for a considerable amount of time. I always play a two handed warrior or a stealthy mage.

    Most soul gems for the enchanting system break after use, but if you do a quest for Azura's Star and choose to make it black, it can be used forever. SO I give myself infinite two-handed damage increases and stride along the plains killing everything. My mage uses illusion magic, so I can turn invisible and make sneak attacks, or enchant enemies to attack eachother or become peaceful again. And magic makes for a very good thief. Muahahah. Life in Skyrim is good. Just hopped over to Mcdonalds as usual to check my bank balance and use their wifi, and of course hang out at WF. <3

    Normally we get paid every two weeks, but since Memorial day is coming, they roll the payroll in advance.

    I still need to save a minimum for my apartment, but I have a ton of wiggle room. Wiggle wiggle.
    Need advice? Or just some cheering up? PM.
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    'I prefer to exist as a duality. Living alone is boring.'
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