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    "My god..."

    Adam had fallen to his knees. His mind couldn't wrap around the sheer impossibility of this moment. The being in front of him was not of this world.


    Adam heard the word echoing inside his head. "Hello..." he tentatively replied.

    -We need your help.-

    "My help?" Adam squeaked. "What could you possibly need from me?"

    A light appeared behind the being and two more aliens appeared carrying the limp body of a very old man. -This is our teacher. Ninety of your years ago, we brought him with us to learn about the first thinking creatures we ever met.- Adam watched as they laid the old man down on the grass at his feet. -We do not yet fully understand your culture. We need to know why he no longer speaks.-

    Adam gently placed a hand on the man's head. It was cold. he moved his hand to the neck feeling for a pulse. "He is dead..."

    The beings looked at each other and then back at Adam. -We are unfamiliar with this term.-

    "You know dead. No longer alive. Heart's stopped. Checked out." he rubbed his arms, a cold feeling spreading over him. "What did you do to him?"

    -We did nothing. He laid down one day for what he called sleep, and has not yet returned to his normal state.-

    "He sure ain't sleeping now."

    -This is not sleep?- Adam shook his head. -Then why does he not speak.-

    Adam sputtered. "How do you guys understand everything I say and not know what dead is?"

    -The teacher, explained many things to us, but he never told us of this dead you speak of.-

    Adam chewed his lips for a moment, searching for what to say. "What happens when you get old? or sick, or hurt?"

    The aliens looked at each other. -There was a time, when The Teacher, made strange sounds from his mouth and spent more time sleeping than usual. He told us this was a thing called sick. We do not experience this.-

    "You never get sick?"

    -Our bodies are projections to this plane of existence so that we may communicate with you. We do not have physical forms in our natural state.-

    Adam's jaw hung open. How am I suppose to explain death to an immortal? His jaw worked open and shut several times as he contemplated what to say. Finally he had an idea. "This is dead." he motioned to the old man. "For us if we get too sick, too old, or just hurt we become like this. Forever. Your teacher will never speak to you again, he will never move, he will never even think another thought."

    The beings stood there for some time in silence. Finally the first one who had met him stepped forward. -I see. It would seem we need a new teacher. You have taught us much already. You will take his place.-

    Adam was never seen again.
    Everyone's life is like a story. The problem is few people take the time to really understand their own story, much less bother to even read anyone else's.

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    "Hmmm...What is death? Well my new found friends it is the absence whatever makes you, you. A change in the chemical make up, an adventure that all of us hominids are bound to take."

    (----------- ----)

    "Never experienced it eh?"

    (---- ----- --)

    "Well see this? It is called a gun."...

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    As Tira stared at her mother's charred body, she started to cry. Not for her death as such but for the way she had died; condemned and then burned as a witch. If healing others through the powers bestowed on her by Morkon, the strange creature not of this world, then there was no God.

    Morkon never uttered words only conveyed his thoughts as he read hers.

    "Why is your face wet?" He tilted his deformed head to one side his eyes penetrating to the very core of her being.
    "They are tears of sorrow."

    His wizened fingers reached out and touched her face stroking the tears as he struggled to understand why a human's eyes leaked. Leaked with the same wetness they put in their mouth. He looked puzzled: they put wetness in their mouth and when it fell from their eyes and it was called sorrow.

    "My mother is dead, Morkon."
    "Yes, dead."

    In his invisible state he approached her body, oblivious to the glowing embers underfoot and the flames that still danced in her hair. He reached out to touch the body and turned slowly towards Tira whose thoughts were crowding his mind.

    "Don't! She's already left this world, she's dead."
    "Yes, can't you feel her presence is no more? God has taken her soul and she lives on."

    Morkon turned away. "Your God is not of your world he's of mine."
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    Joel needed a drink. Meaks was dead. His brain seemed to flop around inside his skull trying to process what had happened. It had been a trap and it was all his fault. Joel noticed the glowing blue creature was following him through the market. Ducking into a building, it took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Tables scattered around the room with a few patrons lurking off in the corners and a tall, scale-covered man wiped down what Joel figured was the bar. He slumped down onto the stool.

    "Do you serve drinks here?"

    A long, skinny tongue lashed out of his mouth as the man spoke. "Certainly. What would you like?"

    "Something strong. Do you have any Jarrathian whiskey?"

    "Of course," said the man. "Twelve credits."

    Joel waved his hand over the counter. There was a small beep before the man poured the green liquid into a glass. The door opened. It was the creature that had followed him. He saw Joel and sat down next to him.

    "Why are you following me?" said Joel. "If you’re looking for some kind of hand out you’re barking up the wrong tree, buddy. I'm pretty sure I just dumped the last of my credits into this glass." He took a swig and winced.

    "That liquid is not conducive to your physical health," he said.

    "Yeah, well, that's not really the point."

    "What is the point?"

    "To improve my emotional health, mainly by means of bypassing it completely." Joel took another swig. His throat was becoming numb.


    "Why? Because my friend of twenty years was just blown to bits. That’s not exactly something you want to dwell on. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

    “Will your friend be joining us?”

    Joel stared at the creature. “What? No. He’s dead.”

    “Dead? I am not familiar with this term.”

    “Really? Well sign me up to live in your universe, buddy. He’s dead. Gone. Shuffled off his mortal coil. Never to return. His time as a living creature has come to an abrupt end. Dead. How do you not know what dead is?”

    “I am not from this universe. I am not familiar with the biological processes of the organisms here. I was not aware they end. When do they come back?”

    Joel finished the last of his drink. “Never, man. Never. For all of eternity they will never exist again.”

    “That isn’t factual. No matter which universe, nothing ever truly disappears forever. Your friend is not gone.”

    “Well aint you a rosy glass of sunshine,” Joel snapped as he got up from the bar and headed for the door. He turned back to the creature. “Oh, and stop following me or will personally acquaint you with the biological process of non-existence.”
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    Ya know I really think I'm sold on the more European 'said he' than 'he said'. I don't know why I just like the way it sounds.

    "There's no way I'm fitting down that shaft," said James.

    "Well I'm certainly not going to," Liz said.

    Yeah, think I might be turning a small, yet completely irrelevant corner.
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    "He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher... or, as his wife would have it, an idiot." - Douglas Adams

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    As the Starship, H.M.S. Darwin, was being pulled towards the sun to its doom, Commander Valerie Pistolla strapped herself inside the escape pod, and gave the commands for the pod to detach and launch.

    For the past five years the ship was her home and the thirty five crew members’ family. Now her ship was in a dead drift toward the sun and her crew dead. She went over and over the events in her mind and still couldn't believe what happened…

    “Commander, a large object of unknown origin is being picked up on our radar. We’re sending out a recon bogie to gather more information before we make an attempt at First Contact.” Said Lt. Jeremy Broadlow; the scout pilot of the explorer pod, S.S. Minnow. “Be careful, Jeremy, at the first sign of trouble …”dead air, “Jeremy, Jeremy, report! report!” The only answer the Commander received was white noise…

    A few moments later her ship was caught in a type of force field. All the ships systems started to go haywire- the ships A.I. shut down and its engines stopped. Screams of terror and agony filled the commander’s ears as she saw her bridge crew being ripped apart. Her head felt like it was about to explode and the last thing she heard before blacking out, were her own screams.

    She woke up in her quarters. All around her was a shimmering of reddish lights. One of the lights hovered over her head and spoken words popped into her mind.

    “We have probed your mind while you lay unmoving, and by doing so; we have learned the basic rudiments of your language and thought patterns. We have come to realize that you are a type of sentient being that we are unfamiliar with. We have tried probing other members of your species but they are unresponsive.”

    She needed to stay calm and focused. She said,” They’re dead. You killed them and destroyed my ship.”

    “We do not understand what you mean by dead and destroy. Nothing in the universe can be destroyed or be dead. Everything is energy and energy may change in form and substance but it still remains energy.”

    “You have drained all the energy out of the corporal barrier that held it in place. Those bodies are now just husks of decaying flesh and bone. All thought and consciousness has been scattered into a billion bits of undefined energy streams.” The Commander watched with amazement as the red lights flickered frantically. The red lights than became one red light that washed over her and joined her in her suffering. They placed her in the escape pod with a message for her species:

    “The energy that fled from those corporal prisons you call body is now among us. Their consciousness and energy streams have joined with ours and made us stronger. Soon we will head to your realms to rescue you from the corporal goo that imprisons you. Salvation is at Hand…Rejoice…
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    Prompt #3
    One of your characters attempts to break up with someone.
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    "He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher... or, as his wife would have it, an idiot." - Douglas Adams

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    “Jesse, you’re the love of my life, I love you more than anything in this world and beyond. Your beauty is intoxicating, your brilliance and compassion inspires and comforts me. Without you I am nothing but a piece of meat waiting to spoil.”

    Jesse blushed, a deep red upon hearing Jaspers’ confessions of love. Her body tingled with sweaty desire and in a throaty whisper said, “Come to me my dearest Jasper, and let her bodies merge into one.” But Jasper just stood there with glistening tears on his cheeks and a look of despair. “What is it my love, you seem to be in distress, tell me what troubles you; no secrets should ever stand between us,” proclaimed Jesse.

    Jasper took her in his arms and looked directly into her eyes and said, “I’m an Apostate. I love you more than God Itself; I’ve condemned myself into the pits of hell, for no man or women can be loved above God. I need to join the Monks of Clementine, and go off in the mountains to meditate and seek Gods understanding.”

    Jesse‘s heart skipped a few beats and when she finally digested his words fully said, “I hope you and God make a wonderful couple together-but He may not like the taste of weasel and the stink of skunk…"
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    Nature weeps, the devil sings
    at mans greed and pride
    and what it brings

    Just lots of useless
    little things

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    The telephone rang and I flinched instinctively. Without checking the number display I knew it was him.
    "Georgie?" I pressed the speaker button so I did not have to touch the telephone. The mere thought of him twisted my stomach in knots. How could I hate someone and love them at the same time?
    "What!" I barked down the phone like the small yappy dog that goes through the motions yet is too terrified of his own shadow to bite back.
    "Georgie, come on love, please come home."
    "Jonty, we've been all through this before, you know I can't. It's not going to work."
    "We can make it work, if we want to," he pleaded.
    "I can't do this." My thoughts turned to my father with his stiff Victorian bigoted principles; he would never accept Jonty, never. Yet how could I sacrifice my own happiness to please him? Tears flowed freely as I considered the two men in my life. I would never please both and neither would accept the other.
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    Prompt #4
    One of your characters returns home to find a stranger in their house.
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    "He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher... or, as his wife would have it, an idiot." - Douglas Adams


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