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    Attention World: St Patrick's Day

    I've lived in Ireland my whole life. No one in this country has ever (ever) called it St Patty's day.

    Please stop. You sound like an ignorant moron.

    That is all.
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    Apart from a brief relocation to Russia, I've lived in England all my life.

    Trust me in this, Seamus, it's St Patty's day.

    Love and kisses,

    An Ignorant Moron.
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    you all probably don't drink green beer either. but here in my ignorant ass country? we actually put chemical dye
    in our beer to celebrate you all "ridding your land of snakes" or something. it's a cool holiday, though. one excuse is
    as good as another to make the beer appear the same colour as absinthe. ha ha

    happy st. patty's day, sam.
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    I don't think anyone in Australia cares because they're blind drunk before green breakfast pancakes can even be served.
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    For that matter, there are people who think Scotland and Ireland are the same country. Probably the same ones who think Europe is a country and New Mexico isn't part of the U.S. Ignorance abounds, laddie.
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    Timely, isn't it?

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    The American Parades are so much better looking than the ones here :O
    Not that I go to the ones here, but still.

    Also I'm hearing a lot about "corned beef and cabbage" from across the Atlantic. I'm assuming in days gone by Irish immigrants used corned beef as a cheap substitute for bacon?

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    I've been saving up to take a trip to ireland.

    Most people too don't know Ireland has two separate parts.

    I love the music. And pretty much anything else that comes from Ireland. I know alot of the folk songs by heart! <3

    Also, my second language will likely me modern Irish should I learn one. Although I've heard almost everybody speaks english. If not their own form of english like everywhere in the world. I know southerners speak their own form of english...Haha.
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    Everyone on Facebook is going to be posting drunk pictures tomorrow morning.

    My dad was talking about how they aren't recognizing the Saint bit anymore. Was on the news or something stupid over here in America. Don't know how universal of an idea it is though.
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    And a happy holiday to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post

    I've lived in Ireland my whole life. No one in this country has ever (ever) called it St Patty's day.

    Please stop. You sound like an ignorant moron.

    That is all.
    Sure. Next you'll tell me that the Irish wear colors other than green, are occasionally sober and nonviolent, and aren't fequently leprechauns.

    In all seriousness, Ireland is my favorite place I've ever visited, and I would love to return--even if (and especially because) the crazy stereotypes aren't true. I don't think I'd visit on March 17th, though, for fear of the other tourists.
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