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    Eternal Story

    Add to the story as we go! Fun!!!

    The night sky seemed ordinary enough, albiet the red moon hanging in its inky black domain. There were no stars, just the cherry orb, put there without ceremony, as if red moons are always in night skies.It seemed like the same moon though, atleast, that's the story the familiar craters told...
    Have you ever had Jesus sleep over?

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    an iridescent tableau painted the nightscape with hues of grayish purple and deep violet, as if a velvet curtain had been draped over the heavens as a backdrop, and Earth's satellite suspended in the foreground...

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    This is a disappointing thread for a writing forum.

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    Professor Carter had observed this phenomenon twice before: once in February chill, once in July heat. He had yet to find even the beginnings of an explanation.


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