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Thread: The Purple Pippery - Welcome and General Discussions

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    Reminder: Poets have until 00.00 (GMT+1)on the 10th Oct to submit their original poems. Only a few hours to go.

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    only a few hours left to enter the poets in progress challenge!
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    My pre-revision scores may be found here ... LINK

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    Hey, Pippers, the staff have agreed a few changes that concern the Pip Challenge but don't worry, some things are changing, but much is staying put.

    When the Pip Challenge began it was intended for new poets but, over time it has changed and evolved into the popular competition that it is today. As one of the best-supported challenges on WF, the Pip has become the go-to challenge for honing poets’ skills in the writing of poetry forms.

    The unintended downside is that the challenge is now beyond the reach of most new poets and the roll call of regular participants bears this out. The format of the competition and the high standard of the entries has become intimidating to new and inexperienced poets and, after a discussion about how this problem can be addressed, we have come up with a plan.

    PiP agreed that the best solution was to leave the Pip challenge much as it is and start a completely new subforum for the less experienced poets, where they can post a poem for gentle critique and advice without the strongly competitive element and without the constraint of prompts. I have agreed to organise it.

    The new competition is to be called the Poetry Hill Challenge and will loosely follow the format of the Pip – with poems getting a critique before being revised and reposted. Then a single mentor will simply choose ‘the most improved’ revision to receive the Poetry Hill Dash award.

    The new challenge will be restricted to inexperienced poets who are looking for help at a fairly basic level. I have said that I will run the challenge until we get it established and rcallaci and Darren White have offered a helping hand when I need it. I hope Firemajic will feel able to get involved at a later date too.

    Meanwhile, the Purple Pip Challenge will carry on as before but, because PiP is having a really hard time finding people willing to judge with the present complicated judging system, a different method will need to be worked out. A suggestion has been made to do away with the scoring and simply rely on the judge or judges to determine which poem deserves the most improved accolade. But, since the same poets tend to take part in the Pip every month, maybe you could take on the judging between yourselves and come up with a system that works for you?

    Just starting out on the adventure of poetry? Why not try the Poetry Hill Challenge where you will receive one to one advice and suggestions for ways to work with your poem. Check it out here

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    Er ok, what does that mean for this months PIP challenge? I have noticed that the scores are in the Hill group (formerly the PIP challenge scores group) and... where does this month stand?
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    FT, the Pip Challenge will continue as normal. We may tweak the judging to simplify the process for the judges, but apart from that it's business as normal.

    The Poetry Hill Challenge is totally different and has its own forum. It will share the judging feedback group with the Pippers (as we are one big happy family) but apart from that the challenges are run independently and will attract a different group of poets.
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    My scores are up. Here
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