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Thread: The Purple Pippery - Welcome and General Discussions

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    I beat the buzzer with a resounding clang!

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    When are the results going to be put up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fantastical View Post
    When are the results going to be put up?
    Hi FT, the firsts set of scores along with the judges suggested revisions by the 17th August.

    How to enter

    This Challenge has two stages. Please read the instructions below, carefully. Poets have until 23.00 BST on the 10th Aug to submit their original poems to either this thread or the Challenge Workshop.
    (Please check the timezone website for time conversion)

    *There will be a ten minute grace period to edit work. Entries edited after the grace period will be disqualified. Please only post one entry.

    *Judges comments and feedback with first set of scores will be posted to the Young Poets Judging Centre by August 17th. If you do not have access to the Judging centre please let me know by PM

    The poets then have until 24th August to revise their poem as per the judges suggestions and post to the challenge thread.

    The judges will post their revised scores to the Young Poets Judging centre by the end of the month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Fantastical View Post
    When are the results going to be put up?
    There are nine entries, it might be a few of days. Judging the PiP takes a bit of time and effort, so a little patience goes a long way. Scores will be up when they're up...


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