Willburr, my stuffed nightmare cat!

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Thread: Willburr, my stuffed nightmare cat!

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    Willburr, my stuffed nightmare cat!

    My mother does arts and crafts and it's something I've inherited.She usually makes jewelry and whatnot out of bits and bobs. The hobby has become quite common! So I have made jewelry, be it a necklace for myself or gifts for friends, I enjoy little scraps of metal, glass, light bulbs and cogs... They make nice accessories.

    But another thing I got is that she taught me (the basics at least) how to sew. Loving anything industrial or steampunk, I also came to love the idea of little twisted stuffed animals. Some people have their beasties, well, I have constant ideas for little animals.

    I wanted a chesire cat of sorts, a little nightmare doll resembling a cat, so, with my mother's help, I went to work.

    I drew the designs myself and already knew how I would customize him, so the only hard part was buying the cloth and stuffing. We did all the sewing by hand, no machine. My mother made the head, but I did the body and limbs and stuffed it all, then stitched him all together, and added his stripes, tail, and ears.

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    I decided to name him Willburr. It just seemed right.

    Here's his back and tail.
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    His head is actually off-center, and as you can see so are his stripes. And his arms are long as well! This was all intentional because I wanted something imperfect, with big front paws.

    As you can see, he's a pretty lazy stuffed animal. Not much for playing. He is a cat after all.
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    I know I'm a bit old for this sort of thing but I enjoyed making him and will most likely craft another in the near future. So I just thought I'd share him with you guys.
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    I know he's supposed to be a nightmare cat, but he's so cuuute!

    I really don't like scary-ish themed things. I'm a big fat chicken, but I'd totally keep him in my collection. He's really cool. He's simple but I don't think he looks plain. Nice job!
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    You can never be to old to make cute creepy kitty dolls! Or any kind of craft. I likes it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowley K. Jarvis View Post
    As you can see, he's a pretty lazy stuffed animal. Not much for playing. He is a cat after all.
    I'd be quiet with this, it might offend the resident cat.

    Seriously, he's a cute little rascal. I like that he's imperfect because there are soooo many stuffed critters are perfect when most animals aren't perfect. Nice work.
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    Hsssssssss. (That's cat for 'don't talk smack 'bout me m8' and also 'where can I get that studs number?' Willpuuuuuurrrr)
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    Oh my goodness, this is so adorable! You don't happen to sell them, do you?

    I showed it to my daughter and she said that it's scary and it will giver her nightmares, lol. But then again, she's only 8 and everything gives her nightmares.

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    That is so cute! The zipper mouth is very clever.

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    Crrrowley, creativity takes many many different forms and uses ANY medium that inspires the artist.. I love this for many reasons.. but i was intrigued that you used a zipper for the mouth... not only unique, but i think it says a lot about youuuu... am I right? LMAO... zzzzzipit!!! Thank you for sharing.. i cant wait to see your next creature creation.... will it have eyes? Maybe no ears....
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    That's weirdly cute
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