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    Cool Multiverse Rap

    I want to write a rap about the idea that if we were to attempt to travel to another universe in the supposed multiverse, the criteria as we know it that holds us together, the mass of the atom and such, if that were to change we could be torn apart. Makes me think of the repercussions of attempting it; One may be torn apart atom by atom when we get past the threshold inside a wormhole if we ever access a pathway down the as of yet metaphorical rabbit-hole. Then again, due to spaghettification, this hypothesis may not be possible at all....
    Idea brought to you by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I could flesh this out to flow out into a 45 second verse?

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    Hard to pull that together without sounding too corny -- maybe listen to Gza's cadence and delivery of complex phrasing (by hip-hop standards).
    It all starts with a name and flows from there. A ridiculous moniker springs to mind and it launches like a multi-lubed slippery-sloop down chutes made of buttery-floops. Down, down, down. We watch, spellbound. Rapturous. Glockenspiel. We do our due diligence with penitence and penicillin. Do what’s due, then dew drops on your moon-pops.

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    Framing this into a 45 second verse is nigh impossible, unless you're Big Pun or Nas.

    I think this idea would instead work better as a concept album. For the love of heck, I love concept albums. They're the fine art of hip-hop. As overrated as he is, Kanye is/was a genius at this. Same with the Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, and Kool G. Rap.

    Would you instead consider expressing this idea through a 6-track long concept album complete with skits, sound effects, and the whole 9 yards to make it feel more like a movie or play than a mere song? If done well, it can be the most innovative thing hip-hop has seen in decades.

    As for rapping style in itself, for this idea I am feeling a much faster paced, multi-filled flowed and cadence along with heavy alliteration. I would study the blueprint of Kool G Rap, Tech N9ne, Big Pun, and the awesome but underrated AZ.


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