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Thread: What grinds my gears...

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    Do I know anything about string theory? I'm a frayed knot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazz cargo View Post
    Do I know anything about string theory? I'm a frayed knot.
    Serious writers write, inspired or not.
    Over time they discover that routine
    is a better friend than inspiration.

    --Ralph Keyes

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    When a friend brings up something that happened 20 years ago (a missing black dress) and keeps over it.

    Also, this is the String Theory I know

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    Hidden Content <--Proceed with der clickity.

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    Might get in trouble for this one but...

    Religion in government. I don't want your God in my life.
    "I like working with first time directors because they don't really know the rules yet. And therefore don't know any limits."
    -Sir Ben Kingsley

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    If I were to list all the things that have ground my gears in just the last week -
    Has left the building.

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    My gears are about ground off. I may become a crazy cat lady!

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    Gah, people who say, 'Pull your socks up' to sufferers of depression. It's that kind of irony that makes me seethe. Usually I am placid and grinnety and ridiculous but I just can't watch things like that happen without clambering up onto my dusty soapbox. .___.
    Remember kids: Drink vodka, play Dotka!

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    Those are the people who think depression means 'feeling a bit down,' or is some sort of self-imposed malady.

    Humans are complicated, and some don't like that. They just want you to be like them, which is half sweet, and half ignorant. It's like telling someone who's blind to, "try seeing harder." They can't.


    As a reader of fiction, and observer of cinema, what grinds my gears is overly dramatic one-liners: "If you touch one goddamn hair on her head I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!"

    Urgh, just get him.
    "When I am gone, it won't be long before I disturb you in the dark."

    ~ Hidden Content ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boofy View Post
    Gah, people who say, 'Pull your socks up' to sufferers of depression. It's that kind of irony that makes me seethe.
    I'm guessing that's an idiom in Britain. The meaning is both clear and not helpful to someone with depression, but my hillbilly mind took it literally at first read. It gave me a chuckle.
    Wisdom is seldom boisterous.

    -- a guy I know --

    If you're into hillbilly themed pornography (and, really, who ISN'T these days?), check out Hidden Content and Hidden Content . There's no pornography, but everything IS written by a hillbilly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schrody View Post
    Today, at work, some colleagues were talking about space and one mentioned "String theory" in a context that doesn't make any sense. I wanted to tell him he's an idiot, because he obviously doesn't know what String theory even is, yet along mentioning it casually. Of course I didn't, but second time he mentioned it I wanted to smash a chair on him. It's not a problem he doesn't know what String theory represents, it's his way of telling. Other colleague corrected him saying String theory isn't what he means it is, and they changed the subject. What I'm trying to say is, I really hate when people use expressions in a manner like they're experts and they really don't know shit. What grinds your gears?
    And the people, usually New Age types, who invoke the words 'quantum theory' to refer to their gibberish, when it's obvious they have no idea what the term really means.

    Want to really grind my gears? Keep me waiting or stand me up.


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