Cull More Faces!

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Thread: Cull More Faces!

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    Cull More Faces!

    *Grabs a pint and stands before the Lounge*

    Members of the Forum, hear me!

    For too long, we have suffered with innumerable and poorly rendered smileys. For too long, when searching for an emotion besides Happiness or Mushroom, we have had to bear through Saturn and Watermelon as well! Some are utterly unrecognizable. Seriously, what is this ? A human faced croissant? Pah!

    The Veterans have spoken, and faces have been deemed worth of survival, but some... hehe... some will not be so lucky.

    So, tell me, brothers and sisters! Of the following Smileys, which ones will be spared?

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    As a fellow cat, I demand be spared. ;___;
    Remember kids: Drink vodka, play Dotka!

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    I can't speak for everyone but I use just three:

    Those communicate what I need to say to take the edge off words that I mean to be nice, but that could be taken negatively.
    If I can't go down rockin', then I won't go down at all. - Waylon Jennings.

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    Okay If I have to save smileys.. (I give this to TK for affection, Schrody gets the cat)
    I don't use it but come on have a heart
    I use this one a lot. You like nightmare's don't you?
    And by the way. I am not Salvador Dali. Ask Schrody.
    I don't usually use this one either, but I've seen Blade use it. Do you want to break his

    Okay my work is done (Hee Hee)
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    I only demand that this be spared:

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    Please can we keep this one?
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    The above would be fine by me. To keep that is. (In no particular order of preference)
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    I was fighting with temptation but I didn't want to win.
    A man like me don't like to see temptation caving in.
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    Kill zem. Kill zem all...
    "When I am gone, it won't be long before I disturb you in the dark."

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    Guy and Bruno, are you seriously saying we go back to communicating with words alone, no sign language like we employed in prehistoric times?

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    The simplest truths are written on the wall,
    where we see imaginary greatness in our fall.

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    Yes. And let's get rid of memes, while we're at it! They're not funny, and they never have been. Also, I HATE CATS.

    I think I just broke the internet. evil_wink_face.
    "When I am gone, it won't be long before I disturb you in the dark."

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