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Thread: What not to say thread

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    What not to say thread

    The wife's quilting bee friends arriving this morning brought to mind a thread that might help in moments of thoughtlessness. That is if it doesn't get bogged down in thoughtlessness

    When greeting someone, don't remark on how old they're looking (unless they're young enough to want to look older), and unless you're particularly dense and/or mean-spirited, don't remark on how old their four legged companion is looking

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    We never learn

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    I had to laugh at this. There was a lady I used to know, who made my Mom so mad because every time this lady saw her (my mom) she would say 'Are you sick?'
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    When is the baby due?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazz cargo View Post
    When is the baby due?
    Had a lady at church pat my belly and give me this look of "awe...so exciting".....

    yeah I had my baby 3 1/2 months ago

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    my place or yours
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Lee the best way to clear a room.

    I'm glad you're all here, let me tell you about Amway.

    You too can be saved, bible study is starting in ten minutes

    Let me tell you what my kids are all doing.

    I got this skin rash, do you want to see it?

    It smells like someone here stepped in dog crap.

    I was just getting ready to watch a Sylvester Stallone movie marathon, you should watch it with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaStrong View Post
    Had a lady at church pat my belly and give me this look of "awe...so exciting".....

    yeah I had my baby 3 1/2 months ago
    I had a young woman come into the video store where I worked and she asked me if I were pregnant. At the time I hadn't had "relations" in over a year. I stared at her and said no. She winked and said "sure ok." I have never worn that shirt again.

    Some people (like me) are just fat. Don't assume I'm pregnant.

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    What not to say if you don't want to clear the room -

    "Um, I just got word our basement lab will be busted, like, now."
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    Quote Originally Posted by dale View Post
    yeah. and it becomes a problem, sometimes. because as a gentleman, you can't ever mention anything related to it.
    like my ex...she was just really hot gorgeous...but she was always paranoid about her weight. especially after having
    the kid. and she really WAS NOT fat at all. but she had this thing for these hispanic type sun-dresses. and it was like they
    put 30 pounds on her when she wore them. i mean...visually, not really. but i couldn't tell her that. because she would have
    took it as me calling her fat or something. but it was like i was stuck with her wearing those asinine sun-dresses and couldn't
    tell her.."stop wearing those. you look fat in them, even though you aren't really fat." ahhh....the life of a gentleman is never a simple one.
    I sympathize. I've never had a guy remotely address my weight. It's always the women, which is what really shocks me. My advice would be to compliment her first, and then explain your thoughts on the dress. Kinda like a kid. Distract her with another option you're OK with. haha.

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