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    Spam PMs Reported

    We received a number of reports about spam PMs. Thank you to everyone who alerted us.

    The spammer has been hammered. Permanently.
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    "Faith can move mountains - she's a big girl!" (unknown/graffiti)

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    Ooh, Hammered Spam... Well thanks, Cran, now I'm hungry.
    If I can't go down rockin', then I won't go down at all. - Waylon Jennings.

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    One should never spam, especially when Hulk is angry and the ban hammer is handy.

    "Life is a risk; so is writing. You have to love it." ~ Richard Matheson

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    Stop... Hammer time!
    "I like working with first time directors because they don't really know the rules yet. And therefore don't know any limits."
    -Sir Ben Kingsley

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    Our Sammer has a Hammer for the Spammer.

    Sorry, Sam. Yours was the name that came clos at to rhyming, so I just went with it. Plus, isn't "Sammer" better than "Sammy?"
    Wisdom is seldom boisterous.

    -- a guy I know --

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    Hmmm Sammy has a Hammy for the Spammy? Nah doesn't work
    Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content

    And check out Gertie's blog on her favorite top twenty-five albums between 1955-2017 Hidden Content

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    some people enjoy a spammy hammy
    Dream big, fight hard, live proud!

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    It's the pants, Hammer Time needs a special pair of pants.

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    Remember kids: Drink vodka, play Dotka!

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    Banhammer? Isn't that French for "Good boy!"?
    Dream big, fight hard, live proud!

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