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Thread: Scam PMs

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    Scam PMs

    To all members:

    Yesterday, some of you may have received a PM from someone called Stella that looked something like this:

    Hello my dearest friend in the Lord,how are you doing today and how is the family and,sorry to say if i intruded into your privacy well i am Mrs Stella paul a 57 years old widow i have an important message for you, so i will like you to mail me on my email so i can tell you about the message i have for you from the lord so do mail me as soon as possible on my email i shall wait to hear from you in my box

    Await on your swift respond.

    There were a number of you who reported it, which was terrific to see, but some of you may have thought it was a legitimate PM. If so, let me warn you now that the person who sent this PM is not only a spammer but a scammer as well. We've all heard of the Nigerian e-mail scam. This is something similar. If you are thinking of, or are in the process of, making contact with the e-mail address in this PM, please do not. We cannot guarantee your safety if you do so, and we would hate for anyone to get caught up in a scam.

    Thankfully, the person in question in no longer a part of this site. In future, if you ever receive a message that you are uncomfortable with or feel is spam or a scam, please use the report function (little triangle with an exclamation point inside) and we will move on it as quickly as possible.

    Your safety and contentedness on WF is our number-one priority.

    Thank you for your time and be safe out there.
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    This is good because I'm currently supporting three or four Nigerian princesses and I've yet to see any ROI.

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    I did not respond to this as the Lord already has my email address and has sent me the original message. I was a little put out that it was auto message to all, but hey I figure he is a busy guy.
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    What, she messaged other people? I thought I was special! Stella, how could you? ;___;
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    I did not get a PM--I got a friend request--which I accepted [lol].
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    I didn't get anything

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    I didn't get a PM or a friend request. What's wrong with me, Stella!

    And what's wrong with mustard!
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    You're both being facetious of course I found it rather annoying in interrupting my writing. Sending out friend requests and scam PM together, no less to a moderator, speaks to smarts.

    I think Sam deserves a round of applause for jumping on it like white on rice

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    I too got no such PM, and feel quite certain that my relationship with Stella will not last if she continues to under-appreciate me in this manner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmustard615 View Post
    I didn't get anything
    Me either. Maybe their technology weeds out hopeless cases.
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