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Thread: What is your guilty pleasure?

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    A variety of colors. I would bleach my hair and color over it. My first day of senior year, it was neon green, but that was a spray whereas the other colors were semi-permanent dye. Most typically, I had my hair totally royal or aqua blue. My favorite was when I did jet black on one half, royal blue on the other. In my senior picture, I have purple hair. At one time I had it done in four equal slices of pillarbox red, blue, green and purple. And in between each coloring, I would re-bleach my hair so the new colors would stand out. It killed it pretty good, but I knew I could always just shave it all away, as I tend to now, so it wasn't a major concern, haha.

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    I feel like a pokeoldman.
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    Pretty Little Liars ... NO! I will stand for that show - it deserves more cred than people give it lol.

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    Work. I don't know anyone who enjoys working as much as myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amsawtell View Post
    I felt that way too until I owned a house from the 1920s. The electrical is weird, the add-ons are off (weird angles where nothing fits, sloping floors, inaccessible outlets), the doors all stick weird, the windows are drafty, and the plumbing sucks. The house itself isn't worth the money I'd have to sink into it. And there's no storage. Not to mention all the rooms are tiny and the layout is weird. I never thought I'd want to build my own house but I do.

    I want something small but with a good design/layout where there's either room for growth or the room's already there.
    I can relate to this. My current home was built in 1926. I hate it. One, very small bathroom, upstairs. Small rooms, the floors creak and groan with every step, closets that are only 10" deep, blah, blah, blah. The only nice thing is the real hardwood floor that's decoratively laid out, and some of the woodwork. The basement is damp and moldy, and the floors all sag. I have no idea how these homes hold their value, meanwhile manufactured homes are considered a declining asset. Seriously? I'll take a steel frame over a house propped up by a brick column and four old boards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    It's... shockingly well written. And oddly compelling for a show about ponies. Also, horse puns can be f***ing hilarious.
    My four-year-old loves My Little Pony. I never pay attention to it, but my wife says it's funny.

    As for the thread, I really don't have a guilty pleasure. Except maybe that I enjoy Lana Del Ray's song Blue Jeans. Yes...that's embarrassing.
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    While in the army and stationed in Chinon, France, I rented a third-floor apartment. I don't know how old the building was, but a cornerstone of the building next door, a duplicate of mine, read 1490. The outside walls were about three feet thick, solid rocks. Windows were the vertical slit type.

    There was electricity and a sink inside, but the pipes and cables ran along the ceilings. An outside toilet, though. I remember the stairs to my floor being of solid stone and worn down four or five inches in the center from people using them. Talk about drafty. I think minor hurricanes practiced in those two rooms. But I couldn't hear the neighbors screaming unless I stepped into the hall. The interior walls appeared to be as thick as the outside ones. Back then, buildings were made to last.

    I used a propane stove for cooking and heating. The cylinders had to be carried three blocks uphill over my shoulder and then upstairs. The streets around the building had no sidewalks and were too narrow for a large 1960s car to turn corners, so I had to park blocks away.

    Now for the pros. I only had to take about eight or ten steps from my front door to a great little grocery shop across the street. It sold excellent French bread, the long thin loaves, One entire side of the story contained wine, floor to ceiling. A bottle of my favorite only cost the equivelent of forty cents, American.


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    I play board games. I love them. Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, a card related game called Smash-Up. I think the nerdy ones suit me best.
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    America's Next Top Model. Not so much for the past year or more (don't really watch tv at all anymore), when I did watch it however I would panic at any possible sound that meant someone was coming up the stairs or opening the front door, so I would change channel. This however would seem odd only once, clearly a 'changing channel to something more accepted' manouver, so I would then change the channel again, and again so it would seem like I was just channel hopping for something interesting to watch. Genius.

    My more mainstay guilty pleasure/insanity is talking to my cat a lot. Like, actual conversations. Well. Actual one-sided conversations with entirely imagined responses.

    Edit: Also, that Teen Wolf (the current one) tv show. Especially the first season with its many teenage/school problems.

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    Asleep at the wheel....good western swing band

    John Wayne movies................Have almost everyone made.

    Playing Monopoly with the wife..............Still Married. lol.

    Four legged kids..............It's all her fault. lol.

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    Currently, The Amazing Race. All 23 Seasons are on Hulu....addicted!

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