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Thread: What is your guilty pleasure?

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    Anything having to do with Pink Floyd, they're so terrible (Just kidding I love Pink Floyd)

    I guess I have to admit I watch the occasional chick flick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesh View Post
    Ernest (Jim Varney) movies.
    That's the 'know what ah mean, Vern?' guy? Haven't thought about that in a long time.

    In a similar vein, I like the show 'Friends' but don't tell anyone. It's just come out on Netflix, btw...

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    Oh God, I nearly died when you said Pink Floyd, Mustard! Don't scare me like that! I'm beginning to realise that most of these guilty pleasures are similar to my own, I mean, I watch chick flicks, I love Ernest Saves Christmas and when Cadence mentioned the pretending to be a DJ, I thought it was quite possibly the best thing I'd heard all week ;___;

    Inb4: I have no taste in anything, what is my life x3
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    The only name above I even recognize is Gordon Lightfoot, so I'll likely seem an eccentric.

    Siting in my natural garden each growing season, watching the biodiversity expand, while hearing Williams' The Lark Ascending in my head. And on into the night, seeing what we can of the universe, appreciating playing even such a small part in it all.

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    I feel guilty about none of my pleasures.
    Wisdom is seldom boisterous.

    -- a guy I know --

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    I don't feel guilty but for some reason I get the urine taken out of me.

    Prog Rock, talent and story telling and drama!
    DIY SOS, I like to cry at the reveal

    There are so many more.

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    Although I don't feel guilty, I do feel out of tune in preferring music from the thirties and forties, mostly big band type. It certainly shows my age. I can't stand Rock and Noise.


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    Back in my high school and college years, when bored on a friday night, I'd turn on whatever movies were on TV and watch them. TBS, FX, Lifetime... didn't matter.

    So when my (now) wife and I started dating, she went through my movie collection and saw the endless sci-fi, action, adventure, yadda yadda, my seasons of CSI and Futurama... she thought she had a good idea of what kind of TV I watched. About a year into our relationship she wanted to go see a chick flick starring Jennifer Lopez, and at the end of it, I remarked that I thought "The Wedding Planner" was a much better J-Lo film. She turned, stunned that I had seen a movie called "The Wedding Planner" in-depth enough to comment on it, and she then learned of my love of Rom-Coms.

    I watch them sparingly, and when I do it's usually the cheesier the better, and I'm often doing other things while watching them, but I've seen a LOT of romantic comedies. The chick-iest of chick flicks. Maid In Manhattan, Failure to Launch (though I hate SJP!), The Ugly Truth, Big Fat Greek Wedding, Hitch... ALL of them. If they were on TV at one time with their single curse word bleeped out? I've seen it.
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    Oreos with Fritos

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    Ten Things I Hate About You


    An Adam Sandler movie called Reign Over Me. I thought he was really good.

    The Mummy/Mummy Returns. Love the chemistry between Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, and John Hannah. I thought the movies were pretty funny.

    That's it, really. Oh, Alien 3 isn't nearly as bad as people say. And I like a couple Cradle of Filth albums, "Midian" and "Nymphetamine". That's it.
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