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    Russian Mafia RPG (Interest check/OOC)

    Introduction: Welcome to the Russian criminal underworld! The year is 1992. The once-mighty Soviet Union has fallen. Unemployment and poverty, and consequently crime rate, has skyrocketed. In the absence of the massive Soviet repressive apparatus, hundreds of organized crime gangs have emerged to take advantage of the new, capitalist system. Lawlesness is rife, and the streets of Russia's cities echo with gunfire and run red with blood as feuding gangs duke it out among themselves in bloody turf wars. Join and see whether you and your partners in crime have what it takes to become the most powerful and feared gangsters in Russia and beyond! Your choices will decide whether you retire to a tropical paradise in wealth, live out your remaining days behind bars, or meet an untimely end at the hands of your rivals. Or maybe you can take the side of the law, protect the innocent and bring to justice the criminal scum that plague Mother Russia.

    General description: As stated above, the year is 1992, shortly after the dissolution of USSR. You begin as an aspiring criminal (or lawman) in the city of Moscow, hotly contested by dozens of competing criminal gangs - for whoever controls crime in Moscow, controls crime in the rest of Russia. Earn recognition, expand your business and eradicate competition in hopes of becoming the boss of all bosses, or fight the tide of organized crime as a member of legal authorities.

    The game will take place mainly in Moscow, although other locations may be included on occasion. The city is controlled by several factions, which include both organized crime gangs and the authorities. Players will be able to join an existing faction, or start up their own. Teaming up with other characters of similar affiliation is encouraged.

    Players who form their own faction must submit a faction application (provided below), complete with a list of members, for approval.

    In order to make an interesting and exciting story of the game, an economy system using word-count is in effect to encourage players to make longer posts and post more often. Each word in a player's post will be rewarded with a bounty of in-game money, which will be needed for purchases in the in-game market (items, vehicles, weapons, estates, etc.). Factions will be given missions, the completion of which will require achieving a specified word-count, for which a collective bounty will be awarded.

    Players will also be able to obtain funds and inventory through in-game events, announced by the GM.

    General rules:

    1. No god-moding, obviously. Your character leads a dangerous lifestyle, so don't be surprised that characters can and will be injured or die as the game progresses. If your character is killed, you can always re-apply with a new one.

    2. Obey the GM (me). The GM's word is final.

    3. Two characters per player. This is to keep things manageable both by GM and by you. You are, however, free to add NPCs at your discretion.

    4. Be active! Self-explanatory, but a very necessary reminder nonetheless. Inactive characters will be killed off within two weeks of inactivity. Should you require an extended absence, please contact the GM.

    5. No one-liners! This place is called the Writing Forum for a reason - prove that you belong here! An average post should be at least 500 words long.

    6. No cheating! Be honest about your word-count and budget - even hardened criminals don't take lying, swindling scumbags kindly. The GM will verify your word-count if any cheating is suspected. Players caught cheating will have their characters terminated with extreme prejudice.

    7. Keep track of your budget and inventory. The GM cannot be expected to all the work for you. When a sufficient number of players will have applied, I will start up a separate market/inventory thread to ease keeping the tabs. Update your budget and inventory constantly!

    8. Do not kill or take control of another player's character unless given permission by that player. Whether you agree to this by OOC thread or PM is up to you.

    9. Keep it real. Stick to period technology (cellphones the size of bricks, blue-screen computers, etc.), keep your characters realistic (unrealistic apps will be rejected until edited), avoid creating unrealistic situations (such as a guy single-handedly gunning down a whole gang of armed opponents), strive to stay true to the setting.

    10. Do your own research. GM will gladly answer to questions pertaining to life in the early post-Soviet period via PM, but don't expect the GM to do all the homework for you.

    11. Play nice! Remember, it's your character that is the criminally-minded antisocial asshole, not you.

    12. Have fun!

    Character application & rules:

    Name: Your character is a denizen of Russia, so you should obviously pick a name appropriate to the region and your character's nationality. Besides ethnic Russians, there are also Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, Tatars and many more in the ranks of both Russian Mafia and the government authorities. Remember that patronymics are used in Russian naming conventions.

    Nickname: Self-explanatory, the nickname by which your character is known in the underworld. Law enforcers might not use nicknames
    themselves, but may very well have ones among the criminals. Nicknames usually pertain to one's personal traits, such as appearance or habits, are derived from their name, or refer to one's criminal achievements or failures.

    Age: self-explanatory

    Sex: Very few women attain positions of any significance in the male-dominated Russian criminal world. The same is not true, however, for the authorities where plenty of women are employed.

    Appearance: self-explanatory

    Affiliation: Criminal/Law Enforcement/Civilian (yes, you can play a civilian too if you wish)

    Faction: self-explanatory; a list of factions will be provided below

    Criminal/career record: The more crimes/achievements you have on your count, the higher your status and older your age will be. Certain actions, such as crimes deemed dishonourable in the underworld or disciplinary infractions, will place you at a low status regardless of your age and experience. Keep it realistic - for example, a gangster convicted on multiple counts of murder is unlikely to be walking free, being locked away for life. Likewise, a police officer known for excessive abuse of detained suspects would have been fired or even imprisoned himself. Your rank may change depending on your in-game actions, be sure to update your character sheet accordingly.

    Character class: Basically, the skillset of your character. Are you an ex-military sharpshooter specializing in contract killings, a skilled safe-cracker deterred by no lock, a hulking down-on-luck professional boxer, a natural entrepreneur or a prodigy criminal investigator? A list of classes will be provided in the character application thread that I will start up when sufficient players have applied.

    Rank: Your status in the underworld/law enforcement agencies. Are you the boss of your own gang, an ordinary street thug, a lowly prison punk, a militsiya Major running your own precinct or an ordinary militsiyoner walking the paces? A list of ranks will be provided in the character application thread.

    Inventory: A short list of your personal items - clothing, weapons, tools, vehicles, estates.

    Biography: self-explanatory; Again, keep it realistic

    Faction application & rules:

    The following default factions will be included in the game.


    Solntsevskaya Bratva
    - one of the most powerful criminal syndicates in all Russia, this gang is based in the Solntsevo District of South-Eastern Moscow. Led by Sergei Anatolyevich "Mikhas" Mikhailov, it is known to employ aggressive tactics to drive out or assimilate competition, but prefer intimidation and bribery over outright violence to get their way. They are sworn enemies of the Chechen Mafia.

    Orekhovskaya Gang - led by Sergei "Sylvester" Timofeyev, this powerful gang is based in Orekhovo-Borisovo District in Southern Moscow. Orekhovskaya Gang is currently allied with the Solntsevskaya Bratva against the Chechen Mafia, but this is likely an alliance of convenience that may break up in the future. Orekhovskaya Gang has a reputation of disregarding the rules of the criminal underworld when it suits them.

    Chechen Mafia - sworn enemies of Solntsevites and Orekhovites, the Chechens disregard the traditional Russian criminal codes, preferring to follow their own native clan system and rules instead. They are infamous for their extreme violence and brutality. The Chechens are led by Khozh-Ahmed Noukhayev, known to have ties with Chechen independence movement and international Islamic terrorist organizations, and are based in Otradnoye District in North-Eastern Moscow.

    Mkhedrioni - a self-styled Georgian patriotic paramilitary organization, the Mkhedrioni are in fact little more than common criminals. Although based primarily in Georgia, they have steadily increased their presence in Moscow to the point where even the more powerful Russian and Chechen gangs have to take them seriously, rallying most other Georgian gangs under their banner. The Moscow branch of Mkhedrioni is led by Otari "Otarik" Kvantrishvili. The Mkhedrioni are known for their flamboyant dress style, sporting a uniform of jeans, leather jackets and sunglasses worn even indoors, ranking members wearing expensive suits and openly flaunting their firearms. They are based in the Sokol district Northern Moscow.

    Criminal characters can obtain inventory through purchase and in-game events, and can sell it on the market for half the original price, or barter with other players.
    Law enforcement:

    Militsiya - the Russian national police force. Unlike Western police forces, militsionyers have far less restrictions on the use of physical force and much broader authority. Still, they are expected to carry out much the same duties as any Western police force, meaning they do not have the authority to use lethal force unless attacked or attempting to rescue hostages. Their equipment is typically limited to nightsticks and sidearms, though in districts where gang wars take place, militsiyoners are also issued assault weapons.

    OMON - the Russian equivalent of SWAT, with the added function of riot control, OMON is called upon when conventional militsiyoners cannot adequately deal with the situation. Feared for their brutality, OMON troops couldn't care less about the suspect's civil rights and are known to habitually rough up detainees.

    FSB - translating as the Federal Security Bureau from Russian, the FSB is a direct successor of the infamous KGB. Similarly to the American FBI, FSB has nationwide authority to track down and punish organized crime among other things, and commands the best specialists and resources available in the country. They are the only faction with the authority to terminate suspected gangsters at their own discretion.

    Internal Troops - also known as "krasnopagonniki" for their distinct red epaulets among criminals and the civilian populace, the Internal Troops are a gendarmerie-like paramilitary force for large-scale riot control, suppression of internal unrest and also for guarding prisons. They are particularly despised among the criminals for this latter reason. Fortunately, situations when large numbers of them are called upon tend to be very rare. Internal Troops are the only Law Enforcement faction with casual access to military-grade weapons and equipment.

    Unlike the criminals, members of the Law Enforcement factions do not have to purchase their own weapons and vehicles, nor are allowed to sell them. They may purchase and sell non-combat assets (i.e., flats, personal cars, civil clothes) only. However, they are allowed to carry out collective factionwide upgrades by expending collectively-accumulated funds.
    Compare this to extra budget being allocated to the organization for a successful operation.

    Faction application form:

    the name of your faction, obviously. Note - law enforcement agencies are the same all over Russia, so at best, your own faction of lawmen could be either a secret assembly of government agents endowed with extrajudicial authority to combat organized crime.

    Affiliation: criminal/law enforcement

    Location: Your home district of Moscow. A link to help you pick one:

    Central districts are off-limits to criminal groups due to containing most government buildings and consequently the highest presence of law enforcement. Law Enforcement groups have no set home district, having precincts or being dispatched as necessary.

    Leader: Leading player name and character name

    Members: Member player names and character names

    Brief description: self-explanatory


    So, is anyone interested to play a Russian gangster or cop?

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    Looks sweet, and very well crafted. I think the setting is what might discourage people, as it somewhat did me, due to not being the most commonly used location in stories, but it seems you have pretty decent knowledge of the culture/area and can probably get such a thing working. I will definitely have to do some research, myself.

    Slight confusion: Do character apps go here or will there be another thread for them? It says that a "character application thread" will have ranks and classes and stuff, but I'm not sure whether that's another thread or just a plan for the future.
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    yikes. This looks both fascinating and intimidating all at once. The idea of a real "game" dynamic could be fun, or hopelessly confusing. You will need a lot of players to make the game work, the whole competitive side makes it hard to really work together for the story unless there are a lot of people in each group to work with. GM will need to do a lot of refereeing. I agree with KP the setting is also daunting, but overall it looks like you have spent some time and effort putting this together. It almost looks like maybe you did this type of game before somewhere else. If so how did that one go? If you can get the backing from enough other to make this actually work, I would be interested in giving it a go.
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    I'll set up a separate application thread later, this one's more to explain the basic gameplay and see if people are interested at all.

    I've done this type of RP for two years on a page called BattleTech Mercenaries. It was set in the BattleTech universe, the players dividing themselves in mercenary companies, complete with officers and subordinates, and taking contracts created by the GMs. A contract would basically mean having to collectively write a story themed around the contract premise within alloted time, the bounty being paid for the collective word count. The company commanders would then use that bounty to expand and upgrade the equipment of their company.

    It was a great game and the page is still running the last time I checked, I only quite for RL reasons that greatly reduced my free online time.

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    sounds fun, just a question of whether or not you can get the support how many people would you think we would need to make a go at this?
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    Yeah, looks like that is going to be a problem...

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    So is this going to fall into the graveyard, or are we just waiting for more interest? I hope it's the former, it really has potential. I'm thinking that the best way to get some attention would be to post the app thread (*cough* *cough*).
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    I suppose it is. I'll start the App thread then.

    Perhaps maybe also do away with the economy system for now. No point in complicating things with so few potential players for now.

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    I quite liked the economy system you had set up. It was quite inventive and I didn't think it was all that complicated.
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    I'll restart it if more interested folks show up. No point in running it if there's just two or three folks besides me playing the game.


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