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    Hello Folks

    A couple of years ago they tore down the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh because it was old and broken down and no good to anybody anymore. They cut the retractable stainless steel roof into little pieces and made medallions out of them you could buy as mementos of a bygone era.

    I remember when it was built.

    That, T, is old and you're absolutely right: it sucks!

    All the best with your writing.

    Warmest regards
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    You know when you're getting old, even before you acknowledge it, when Antiques programs on TV feature the furniture and ornaments you bought when you first got married. I jest you not! Apparently it is now retro and hippy chique
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    Getting old? Oh man, tell me about it!

    I mean, I get hangovers now. Hangovers. Can you believe that!?
    I have an extensive knowledge of Mean Girls quotes.

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    You're in your prime pops, enjoy it as the day will come when they take all the liquor away, and you won't be fit enough to go out for more

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    Getting old is better than not getting old.

    But, my knees creak. I don't use a scale anymore and pay no attention to "diets" - When my knees start creaking when I walk, it's time to lose ten pounds. Who's design idea was that? Why didn't they come up with something simpler, instead of this floaty patella thing that's now loosely joined to some bones by masses of scarred tissue? And, when I look in the mirror, I see where my hairs are deserting me, the little bastards... Who's fault is that? I'm in danger of having a reverse mohawk, for goodness sakes! Why? Why did God or Evolution demand that the top of my head is more susceptible to sunburn the older I get? Does this mean I'm supposed to stay inside, now? Luckily for me, I only see an occasional gray hair on my head and I suppose they're doing all they can. But, I've now got this sort of weird set of white streaks in my goatee, like I just drank a gallon of milk and it's spilling from the corners of my mouth. What's up with that? What purpose does that serve? Is it stylish or laughable? Should I run to the store and get some "Just for Men" beard dye? What kind of pretentious crap is that? And, what about these eyebrow thingies? If I'm not supposed to go outside in the sun in order to protect the top of my head, why are my eyebrows working overtime to help keep water out of my eyes? Oh no... I have wrinkles on my forehead, now, too. What the heck? WHY? It makes me look like I'm stuck in a perpetual look of "I don't understand what you said, because I can't hear what you said..." And, why can I hear a gnat fart on the other side of the house at 4am and I can't hear five people yelling at me at the same time? Are my ears falling off or something? Holy crap, there's a hair growing OUT OF MY EAR! WTF? Who the heck decided that was a good idea? Why am I losing hair where I want to keep it and gaining hair where I don't want any? Are the little bastards migrating? Why does the Universe force me to ask these questions?

    I am positive that there's a reason for all this and that someone is to blame for it. Perhaps it's the destiny of all of us to realize we're getting older when we start looking around for someone to blame for it... It's probably those kids playing on my lawn, the little ingrates. Tearing up my shrubbery, that's what they're doing! Darn neighbors should never have been so inconsiderate as to spawn. Be right back! I'm going to give them a piece of my mind, as soon as I can remember what room I'm in...

  6. #86 glad I'm female as far as the hair loss thing is concerned, but apart from that I think men age much better than women. Grey streaks on a man look 'distinguished', us women cover them up as quickly as we can for fear of looking old. Men don't need make up, we carry on trowelling it on into our twilight years convinced that those dashes of colour and covering of blemishes can hold back the years somehow. Lines on a mans face add character but we fight every mark and crinkle tooth and nail just to hang onto our youth. Argh, see already I'm thinking of my youth in the past tense now I've crossed the threshold from 30's to 40s...maybe I should just go get measured for my coffin and be done with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galen View Post
    I am old, so I understand. But, now I understand old people alot better.
    I'm right there with you!

    LOL Morky, you sound just like my husband! Except for barking dogs when I'm trying to relax by the pool and write, dogs poop on the pavements and beaches, screaming children in restaurants, cats that poop in my vegetable patch and, and... and... He's way more stressed about life than I am. I swear the TV program 'One Foot in The Grave" was based on him. He's a dead ringer for Victor Meldrew.

    Do you remember this TV series, Abby?

    I'm way more patient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    ... Argh, see already I'm thinking of my youth in the past tense now I've crossed the threshold from 30's to 40s...maybe I should just go get measured for my coffin and be done with it!
    First of all, not that you're fishing for compliments, but if your avatar is your picture, you're doing just fine.

    Now, with that little uptick of a confidence booster, not that means much coming from a pile of pixels on the interwebz , we all have to remember that everyone yearns for lost youth. But, most people would simply want to be young again and to know what they know, now, instead of doing the idiotic things they did when they were young. I could rule the world if I was in my 20's again, knowing what I know today. Would I like to be thirty, tomorrow? Heck yes! Would I like to be thirty as I was and have to relive all that crap over again? Heck no!

    We can't regret getting older. Life throws so many opportunities for regret at us that we're not so starved for choices that we have to go around blaming "time" for everything and regretting the fact that we're a slave to it. (Or, a slave to cumulative duplication errors in DNA and cell-death mechanisms, if that's your thing.) I have a suitcase of regrets I periodically dump into my lap and paw through when I'm feeling nostalgic. Do I want another one I can't do anything about? That's right, "Heck no" is the answer.

    Forty is the new thirty! Yes, it's a tired slogan, but somewhat true these days. For myself, I've reached a bit past that. Not terribly so, but enough to feel the difference. There was a time when I'd think nothing of jumping up on someone's roof to help them repair their house. Today? Screw that, I'll pay someone else to do it and save my knees for important things!

    Maybe that's something about getting older we should really care about? "Important Things" seems to be such a broad category when we're younger. Back then, everything was important, everything was critical, everything was the most important thing we'd encountered that week... A filter of a little age and experience helps us to see that there are fare fewer "important" things than we used to think there were. Being fat, skinny, ugly, handsome... Meh, that's not important. Being healthy, no matter what you look like, that is important! Getting a job you can self-actualize through, stunning the world with your success and innovation, grabbing the bestest, most expesivenest things? That's not important. Earning enough to feed you and your family, keep clothes on your backs, a roof over your head, a bit of extra cash for saving and incidentals, maybe a college fund, retirement... that's important. And, as far as making a difference in this world, there's absolutely nothing stopping anyone from doing that, every darn day. I don't need a job at NASA in order to create enthusiasm for space exploration. I don't even need a lab to create new advances in biology, there are plenty of examples in my refrigerator...

    Maybe that's it? Maybe it's that it takes us dumb humans a few decades to learn what's important and what's not-so-important? I look into the mirror and regret a few lost hairs. Big deal. At least I'm not bald. And, if I was, so what? Bald is "in", right? So I've got a few grey hairs in my beard and my knees suck. As you say, it looks "distinguished" and I can new knees whenever I want! A few wrinkles, here and there? That's not important. I don't have skin cancer. That's important!

    Put a filter over your mirror. Let it wean out all the "not important" stuffs. Mirrors aren't cruel, themselves, it's us that causes them to be cruel. A mirror is just an innocent little photon-reflector, trying to do its job. It's up to us to interpret what it shows us. But, even though we know that, we often choose to see things as children, with every little thing being the end of the world and nothing being more important than what's in our face at any one moment. Why must we waste what we've learned over a few decades, gathering experience and knowledge, when we look into a mirror? It's just a mirror. Without us, interpreting it, it would be out of work. So, interpret what it tells you correctly, as a person who has finally lived long enough to figure out what's important.

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    Wise words Morconan! I am still in that raw 'just left my 30's behind' state...I know everything you say is true but it doesn't stop me feeling that pang of nostalgia for what's been and gone, and slight panic about what's coming next. It's not so much about wanting to be young or wanting to go back...and I know I don't look terrible ( and I am NOT fishing for compliments lol!) , it's more that 'end of an era' feeling. I think I've spent my whole 39th year dreading this moment, now it's here I feel deflated. Hopefully that will turn into relief at some point soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    only thing that bothers me about my age is that statistically I'm going to be dead sooner.
    Not necessarily You may live up to 100.

    Quote Originally Posted by popsprocket View Post
    Getting old? Oh man, tell me about it!

    I mean, I get hangovers now. Hangovers. Can you believe that!?
    You're barely legal
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