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Thread: What's Your Nano Word Count?

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    2293 words thus far.

    Let's go go go
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    Grizz, where the hell have you been?? Missed you.
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    End of day three and I'm still moving along. Two more good hours left on writing time, but I have currently 17.721. It's nice to be ahead. I'll be slowing down soon enough.

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    Broke 10,000, but slowing down now I have to work out where the story is going...

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    Keep going!
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    I'm hanging in at 6784 words at the moment. Have a pretty good idea of where I'm going to end up, just need to work out how exactly to get there. Then I'll see if the journey changes the destination along the way.

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    I'm sitting at just over 30k I had hoped to be at 40k tonight but I doubt that's going to happen. I'm at my I don't want to write right now, plus other reasons why today will be not happening. Still I am ahead of where I need to be so it's all good.

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    I'm just above 20,000 words (I'm writing with a partner) but haven't written anything since Thursday :/
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    Set my alarm for daft o'clock, and managed 31,029 so far, even spending an hour editing the previous day's words. - Thing is, I think momentum does help promote some very healthy prose, and I'm pleased with the standard to date. Yeh, word count is great, but far better if they're words that count too.

    It'll be great if I can trundle through December at the same pace, but it's very, very tiring when you're as laden with misspent years as I am...
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    Working at 42k. Slowed down quite a bit. I struggled with being sick for a couple days again.


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