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    Banned for denying a clear need for corrective lenses.

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    Banned because I have glasses.
    My friends and family call me Bill, you may also.Hidden Content

    When people meet people,
    Potential Strangers, Acquaintances, Friends.

    When dogs meet people,
    Potential Friends, Acquaintances, Strangers.

    I would rather be the Dog.

    It takes only,
    A second to meet,
    A moment to know,
    A Lifetime to forget.

    A word without thought can destroy.
    Please remember to think before you speak.

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    I broke into W.Goepner's house and wrote the word "BANNED" on the wall using my blood (I'm a maniac).

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    Banned for finger painting in vital fluids.

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    A number of infractions have been committed by someone who meets your description. We'll have to temporarily ban you until this matter is cleared up.

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    Banned for confusing my awesomeness with the normalcy of others!

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    This ban's going straight on Youtube. Then everyone will know how mighty I am.

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    Banned! And your ban went viral on YouTube.
    You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. -Maya Angelou

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    Banned for spreading ban-mongering without permission.

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    Banned for forgetting my bribe. Sheesh!


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