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    Banned for denying yourself the cleansing torment of shame.

    Banished to your room! No cookies!

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    Banned for withholding cookies! I knew you were the dastardly sort!

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    Banning the phantom cookie jar raider. AKA Foxee.

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    dennab...banned...dennab...banned. Banned coming and going...dennab...banned.

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    I don't know... I believe it is supposed to be only one way and that is straight banning... I could be wrong, but, Darkin is banned either way.
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    Banned to the deepest, darkest, dampest corner of the Universe. Hull.

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    Banned to my basement...which appears to be the same place you sent W.Goepner

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    Banned to the 5th Dimension. There you will be cuffed and chained to a dungeon wall where Mykixptlx will torture you.
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    Banned to a hall of distorting mirrors. With Donald Trump for company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazz cargo View Post
    Banned to a hall of distorting mirrors. With Donald Trump for company.

    Banned for not practicing social distancing.


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