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    Just because I am a women and it’s my prerogative to do so,for absolutely no other reason than I enjoy exploiting that god given right. Banned. Cuz I said so.

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    Banning you for misrepresenting yourself as more than one woman and for extreme capriciousness!

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    Sneeks up behind Foxee and gives a barking, ​"You're Banned!"
    My friends and family call me Bill, you may also.Hidden Content

    When people meet people,
    Potential Strangers, Acquaintances, Friends.

    When dogs meet people,
    Potential Friends, Acquaintances, Strangers.

    I would rather be the Dog.

    It takes only,
    A second to meet,
    A moment to know,
    A Lifetime to forget.

    A word without thought can destroy.
    Please remember to think before you speak.

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    Banned for needlessly frightening wildlife.

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    I heard Needlessly Frightening Wildlife opened for the Animals. Banned for that crazy t-shirt.
    "Self-righteousness never straddles the political fence."


    "The bible says to love your neighbor. It's obvious that over the centuries it has been interpreted as the opposite."
    (sarcasm alert)


    Hidden Content Hidden Content

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    Banned because poetry is not allowed past ten p.m.

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    According to your time stamp, it was only 5:24pm when you posted the above. Banned for not being able to tell time.

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    Banned during UTC.

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    Banned for using abbreviations without explanations by the Clarity Police.

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    Banned for oppressing the vague!


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