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    This has given me food for thought.
    Like someone posted earlier, I had always regarded further and farther to be used for concept and physical distance respectively. It had never occurred to me that there was another way of using them.

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    I always found that concept/distance definition hazy at best. For example:

    Man always measures a typical space flight in terms of miles, but wormholes may stretch the typical flight to light years, further/farther than anyone could imagine.

    Well, what's your verdict? Is that sentence talking about the possible lengthening of the distance of space flights or about the concept of wormholes and their theoretical affect on space flight? I constantly ran into sentences like this where I had no clue, so I used "further" because "using further in place of farther is never an error", lol. But now, I think, "Hmm...this sentence compares space flight now to space flight when we've figured out wormholes. I'm using farther."
    John Oberon
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