Collab writing: Add a chapter picking up where the last one left off.

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Thread: Collab writing: Add a chapter picking up where the last one left off.

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    I've done collaborative writing before and I think it's a lot of fun. The idea is to basically write the next "chapter" in the story, picking up where the person before you left off. Feel free to add characters and develop your own genre as the story/plot go on.

    Here's the beginning...

    Tyler sat by the campfire tapping a stick against a stone that made up the pit. Beer cans and the works of 'smores were scattered about the area of the campground he and his friends had made their own for the weekend.

    Tents were perched in the immediate area, the product of the group effort of everyone on the trip. Fireflies made their whereabouts known in the darkness and a loud splash from somewhere in the distance indicated that someone, somewhere was brave enough to take a late night dip in the lake.

    The first weekend back from college had gotten off to a great start in Tyler's eyes. There wasn't a care in the world. All he felt was solitude as he leaned back in the flimsy camping chair and closed his eyes.

    "Take a swig, man." The voice of Charlie, Tyler's closest friend, made his eyes snap back open. He glanced down where a bottle of whiskey was dangling a few inches away.

    "I'm okay," Tyler told him, pointing toward the half empty beer in the cup holder of his seat.

    Charlie rolled his eyes and lifting the bottle toward his face, "It's summer time..."

    He sighed, but smiled and gave in, noting that his friend was right. Tyler pressed the bottle to his lips and his eyes pressed shut again before the bitter shot went down his throat make his face twist as he handed the bottle back to his friend.

    There was laughter from around the campfire, and Tyler smiled, examining each of his friend's faces for a moment.

    "My turn to tell the next ghost story!"

    Tyler and Charlie both looked to Charlie's girlfriend Jennifer, an eccentric skateboarding girl with piercings lining her ears.

    "Go for it, babe," Charlie encouraged, running a hand through his damp brown hair that was still wet from a swim earlier in the evening. Since dating Jennifer, he had turned his subtle studded earrings into gages and had purchased a pair of Vans. The look made Tyler want to laugh, but he knew that they all had done silly things for the girls who dropped in and out of their lives.

    "Okay," Jennifer began with a devilish green. Her dimples were illuminated by the fire's flickering light and she scanned their expressions. "This story will hit everyone a little closer to home." She glanced over her shoulder and then returned her attention to the small group that sat huddled together. "Because it takes place right here at Gardener's Lake."

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    Jennifer's story went like this:
    "The trees rustled as wind raced through the vast forest surrounding the lake area. The movement could hardly be seen, this a fact due to the late hour of the day. The hour was so late in fact, that it was nearing the time that a new day would be pronounced.
    The moon was new on this night and the cloud cover was full. As if not creepy enough for the campers that decided to take a swim in the lake, a wolf howled, its howl unusually high pitched and mournful. It repeated this action every so often, chilling the friends of recent collegegraduation to the bones they had just tested in a previous hike."
    Jennifer was interupted in her story by just such a baying. The college students looked up, unable to help themselves. They were shocked to report a dark canvas as their sky. Some began to whimper.
    Jennifer opened her mouth to continue her tale, but as if her mouth had held them, wind began to rush through the surrounding forest, a rustling proving their existence.
    "I hope this story had a good ending," nervously spoke Charlie.
    "It's a ghost story, a ghost story my friend," said Tyler. "They don't have happy endings."
    "Well, what about Casper," replied Charlie.
    "May I continue the story," questioned Jennifer, although it seemed to be directed towards herself.
    "Yeah," answered Tyler. "Just speak up over the howling."
    Indeed, the howling of the wolf was drowning the words of the group, but Jennifer narrated her tale, refusing to be humbled by coincidence.
    "The kids were bathing in the lake, none with any clothing on. The group consisted of two people, one boy and his girlfriend. Or at least, he had though it was his girlfriend. And he had thought he had been alone.
    "Surprise," said his two other friends, they also a pair. They jumped in nude, hugging eachother when they surfaced.
    It was a few minutes of splashing and horsing around before things went wrong. The first boy realized his "girlfriend" was missing her birthmark, usually found near her hip. It was revealed that she was the twin of the real girlfriend, who had been left tied to a tree off of the hiking trail. She had never truly come back from her bathroom break.
    The howling of the wolf suddenly made sense to the boy. He knew of the legend of the Lone Wolf. He was once a man, his wife lost to him by the knife of a jelous girl. Ever since he had been a wolf, eating jelous girls who dared to travel his lands.
    The boy realized that his girlfriend's twin must've tricked the wolf, and the wolf must've realized too kate, hence the mourning.
    The worst was yet to come though. The boy decided that he found the twin to be attractive, and slept with her to distract him from his pain. When he woke the next day it was to no twin in his sleeping bag, but a corpse on the tent floor, white as snow. Then, having realized the anguish he must've put his dead lover through, he killed himself, never having known the twin was a siren.
    It is said that there are other twin sirens out there, waiting to snatch up lovers and turn them into slaves."

    Charlie gulped and scooted away from Jennifer, just a bit. "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna hit the sack."
    Have you ever had Jesus sleep over?

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    (Well, this died)
    Have you ever had Jesus sleep over?


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