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Thread: Art for back cover of upcoming book

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    Art for back cover of upcoming book

    I've been working on this picture for seven weeks, and while I don't draw often or consider myself an artist, I think it came out decent. It looks random without the text - it's intended to be cover art for an upcoming book of mine - but I wanted to showcase the picture itself first. What do you all think?

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    The text would say this: We have always dreamed of having superpowers, wondering what we would accomplish with them and how others would see us. But among all the tales, there’s always a limit, a physical weakness, or a supervillain to complement the “gifted human.” If there was a full-grown man—let’s call him Victor—to have attained infinite strength, speed, and durability, along with the power to turn anything into thin air by mentally focusing on it, would he be likely to use his powers for the common good if he had no limits or super-powered arch-nemesis to hold him back? Or, in time, would he use his powers for his own sake, regardless of the mortals at his mercy? A superhero such as this could possibly think of himself as a god…one who does not necessarily see a clear difference between good and evil.

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    I like the colourful buildings.

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    The perspective is excellent as is the illustration, although, if you are putting tect over it you may have difficulty reading!
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    The text is a synopsis?

    The cover picture I think you should just put on the front with it's title and have the back cover a plain color to avoid a synopsis hard to read. In short I agree with Ethan.

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