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    The mission had only just started, and already things had gone FUBAR...

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    In an hour there would be no body.

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    In the silence before the dawn, she comes.
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    "What do you mean they escaped?!"


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    "He's dead" she whispered.

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    They chalked out the pros and cons of having sex.
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    The big, metallic mailbox was my doom.

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    Haven't written any stories yet, but I'll make up a few here:

    "Music was the language of the [insert fantasy race], and their last son was born a mute."

    "It's been years since I last saw my grandfather, and a day since I learned of his death."

    "They said drowning would be the worst way to die; I can now confirm that to be true."
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    Ooh I did this recently following a writing exercise book that told me to start in the middle of things...

    1. He did not cry or scream; the look in his round baby-bright eyes told me that even then, such behaviour was beneath him.
    2. Chasing the moon is a stupid way to grow old, but the sun was almost always hidden by clouds so the moon seemed like the best option.
    3. They say that blood is thicker than water, and I can attest to that for I’ve nearly drowned in both.
    4. Toasting forks make surprisingly good weapons when you're desperate.

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