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    I gave two shits...

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    Notes from a story I may someday get to:

    She appeared through the smokey haze of the gin mill, floating on shapely legs leading to the prize.

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    The simplest truths are written on the wall,
    where we see imaginary greatness in our fall.

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    "He looked on the face of death and realized he was staring into a mirror."

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    Susan was a cold-heart bitch, but she threw the best parties. Not because she enjoyed them or even liked having people around her, but because she enjoyed hearing people talk about how incredible the party was.

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    Jake Pless had lived on Orvan 4 for two years, and liked it because he didn’t have to wear shoes.
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    I knew it was going to be a bad morning when I woke to find someone had cut my throat.

    "Life is a risk; so is writing. You have to love it." ~ Richard Matheson

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    Only fools breed carnivorous cows, and I was one helluva fool.

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    The table lamp beside my bed was on when I woke up, and I was concerned by the fact that it wasn't plugged in and didn't run off of batteries either.

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    "The old man had peed on himself, third time this morning, and Rachel was having her second homicidal thought of the day."

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    The choices were clear: run, kill, or just go ahead and accept the cup of coffee. I don't know, maybe I do have an anger management problem...


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