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    RPG General Interest Check

    I noticed that the RP part of the site looked like it was moving kinda slow. It seems like there's only 1 RP active, and the last post in it was almost 2 weeks ago. That's a long time for a short style RP. A dying RP forum bordering a writing forum makes me sad. It's like seeing a run down school in a neighborhood filled with children.

    I'm making this thread because I'd like to evaluate this forums activity and see what everyone's into. Perhaps this would be more "correct" if posted in the writer's lounge, but I think it will more easily be seen by its intended audience here.

    Since roleplayers are so use to filling out character sheets, why not write one about your RP abilities and preferences? Here it is:

    Name: Not necessary, me adding it is a course of habit.

    Experience: How long you have been role playing

    Favorite Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, you don't have to write just one.

    Preferred rolls: Are you typically a strong and stalwart knight? maybe you're a sinister schemer? Or are your characters as innocent as a cherub?

    Long or short style: do you typically make/participate in RPs where you write short posts often (Below 500 words daily) or longer posts at a lower frequency? (2K or more, but once a week)

    Host: Have you ever hosted/run a role play?

    Fan Favorite: Talk about a character that was well received by others.

    Personal Favorite: Talk about a character you personally enjoyed playing.

    Name: Nippon Devil

    Experience: I've almost wasted 8 years doing this.

    Favorite Genre: Hard to pick. I tend to enjoy fantasy more when it's not all token related.

    Preferred rolls: I'm one of those people who likes to wait until all but one of the slots are filled and make a character unlike everyone else.

    Long or short style: Long. It's not unheard of for me to post a 4-5K monster. That doesn't happen often mind you.

    Host: Yea, I've hosted a few.

    Fan Favorite: Storm crow. Picture the 4 armed dude from mortal combat covered with armor. Now give him 2 long chains with hooks on either end. Now give him lightning powers and hunger for human flesh. Drizzle in some cheesy dialog and you have storm crow. He was my first RP character and I think it shows. Still, everyone wanted to fight him. They couldn't get enough of him for some reason. Everyone wanted to prove their character's mettle against him. For seven years, one of my original RP buddies still praises him as a great character. Only recently did I make a character he says is actually better than that mountain of meat. Shows you what I know.

    Personal Favorite: A cat with a British accent. I really like how friendly he is. The cat has more personality in his paw than most of my characters have in their whole bodies. Quite a contrast from Storm Crow huh? I'm actually surprised none of my favorites are woman, since I tend to roll them a lot.

    I hope most of you find the time to fill this out.

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    Experience: On forums I've role-played for about 12 years now. In real-life for nearly as long.

    Favorite Genre: I'm more about the story. If the premise seems good then I'm interested.

    Preferred rolls: That depends on my mood. Typically I play physically quick and smart characters.

    Long or short style: I guess short style.

    Host: Online? No. Real-life? Yes. I've attempted online but it didn't work out

    Fan Favorite: I've played all kinds of things that are well-liked. I played a cleric possessed by a demon, an alien who was a ship's mechanic on a spaceship, a quick and dirty fighter who was attempting to take over a gang, and Mjollinir (Thor's hammer personified as a human girl who was a roller derby skater who talked incessantly and chewed gum). Some were in real-life and some were online. All of them were well-received.

    Personal Favorite: I'm fairly fond of most of the characters I've played. Right now I'm find of Henry "Lee" Mason who can be found in the Carroll Institute thread.

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    Experience: I have been role playing for almost 15 years now. I ran my own role playing website for five years before handing it over to a friend of mine upon the birth of my daughter. Since then I started a new role playing site/ writing workshop called Mad Rationality, I would still like to see that site blossom some day but as of right now I do not have the people to help me get it going.

    Favorite Genre: Fantasy, sci-fi, distopian, mostly romance. I like romantic fantasy role plays.

    Preferred rolls: female in a fantasy. Male in an action. Dont know why just have always been that way.

    Long or short style: I believe role play post length depends on the situation. If my character asks a question I don't want to continue rambling on for another 200 words. Generally though I like to post at least two full paragraphs. I enjoy a nice 300+ word post game if the subject matter is interesting and engaging enough.

    Host: I have hosted hundreds. I am actually the host of the one that died on here but was pretty active. Unfortunately life got busy and a couple of my players stopped posting. Sorry everyone...

    Fan Favorite: .... A lot... um..... Daine? Maybe... Veralidaine Hristova, she was a werewolf lupa (based on anita blake books) in a city based role play. There were several others. Briar was a witch who was a master of earth elements. She could blow poisonous spores out of her mouth and had poisonous kisses... She had a shape changing familiar (played by a friend of mine) who was a jackyl. He gave her the power to create life like sand sculptures.... Those were the days!!

    Personal Favorite: Briar is definitely one of them though I didnt get the chance to play her much. On a role play website I was on for 6+ years I had a character named Jade Clover, she was played out, but I have a soft spot for her. Sira, she was a pretty cool middle eastern princess who was engaged to be married to a nasty guy. She kidnapped herself, with the help of a body guard and ran away to pretend to be a boy and join a resistance. I never really got to play that one and I would still like to if anyone is interested.

    Right now (SO SORRY) I can't continue or start any group role play games with anyone, but if you are interested in doing some one on one I might be willing given the premise is a good one and I find your style engaging.
    Just another person trying to make her mark on the world. Everyone has something to say. I hope someday mine might be heard. I am looking for people who are like me.
    "I hope your bacon burns," -- Calcifer Howl's Moveing Castle Diana Wynne Jones

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    Haha, and here I expected my 8 years to tower over everyone else. I guess that means There are still things to enjoy about it even 15 years in?

    ...On a more serious note, very cool from both of you. Mjollinir and Briar Sound just like the type of character's I've played in the past. Most of my woman tend to have mental problems. I love them all the same!

    You should try hosting another one Amsawtell. The trick is to get a few people you like and trust and start it up. You don't need 10+ players to have a great time. Don't get emotional and keep an open line of communication with everyone. Nobody will tell you they're going to stop playing... But! If you check up on them, you can sometimes prevent them from leaving. At the very least you'll get a heads up that they're going to go. I've actually only hosted a handful of RPGs, but that's because they all successfully conclude and I end up running them for a really long time. But if you don't like dealing with members directly, you probably shouldn't.

    I only tried 1 on 1 once... And I'd be willing to try again if I wasn't already busy hosting my own roleplay on a private site. We're approaching the Epic-log, but I have a feeling they're going to require my assistance with another one shortly. I'm sure 1 on 1 with any of you would be totally boss though!

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    I was trying to get an actual D&D campaign going. It didn't work well--nobody could get online at the same time. That's ok though. I ended up runnin that campaign for a few months in real-life. Currently I'm trying to convert the "Legend of Zelda" world into an rpg world. It's . . . different. I've decided to use the setting, races, deities, and a loose "history" to make something new. I think I might eventually rename everything.

    Oh, another of my favorite characters (I was going to use her in Carroll Institute) was a girl who could control velocity. She was in a real-life superhero campaign set in high school. She used skittles as weapons. She could throw them then speed them up.

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    That sounds awesome amsawtell! very cool power. Do you mind if I use it in my Amelia Thorn book?
    Just another person trying to make her mark on the world. Everyone has something to say. I hope someday mine might be heard. I am looking for people who are like me.
    "I hope your bacon burns," -- Calcifer Howl's Moveing Castle Diana Wynne Jones

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    Name: Rex

    Experience: About a year

    Favorite Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, dystopian, post apocolyptic, but hell I will do just about anything if its with a good group of writers.

    Preferred rolls:I usually want to support from behind. I want someone else to take the lead role and I want to provide the interesting side story, I want to stimulate an odd turn for the group, spice up the diaglogs. make sure everyone is involved, but not be the one who makes the big choices. I want to be surprised.

    Long or short style: I usually do long post, back when i had more time i would post long sprawling walls of text a couple of times a day.... not to many people seemed to be able to keep up with that style. These days I probably couldnt keep up with that every day but believe i would check in on a good active roleplay at least a few times a week.

    Host: I cohosted one a few months back, went pretty well.

    Fan Favorite: I had a character who was a doctor, during a zombie apocalypse. He part of a neogovernment that had formed after the world fell. He was a sadist and a sociopath, coldly performing experiments on the people in the compound to find a way to control the zombies. I usually write good guys so making a true sociopath was pretty fun.

    Personal Favorite: The character above was a lot of fun to play but in that same roleplay I also played the president of the neogovernment. The government was totalitarian and controlling, but the man was an idealist. He was just trying to keep humanity alive and he knew the only way to do it was to use methods that were cruel. He hated it but was willing to do whatever it took to keep humanity alive. I was really sad when that roleplay died, pretty sure I am going to go back and write that story myself someday. I loved the setting.

    As far as the point that this section seems pretty slow, I would have to suggest its because there are better sites out there for roleplaying. Mainly because those sites have better UI for it. That said I would love to use this site a platform from which to recruit writers for roleplays on other sites.

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    Experience: Always been interested but never done it. I've wanted to do some in real life but not so much the written. I have a hard time following or keeping up with entries.

    Favorite Genre: Of those I have attempted to follow by reading, seems that unlike the books I read, I tend to be interested in ones with Knights, Vampires, Demons, Werewolves and pretty much anything DnD related.

    Preferred rolls: I expect if I took part in one I would be (based on DnD)

    Neutral Good Human Ranger (5th Level)

    Ability Scores:
    Strength- 11
    Dexterity- 18
    Constitution- 14
    Intelligence- 14
    Wisdom- 16
    Charisma- 14

    Long or short style: I as a person am 'here and now' type person. Immediate interaction and responses. Which is why I have yet to participate in RP's... I can role play on games because its keeping true to my character throughout my interactions - where as on a forum, I might have to wait a day or two before I get a response. Equally, I might post at the same time as someone else and all of a sudden - due to their post preceding mine - my post then becomes obsolete and I have to quickly delete/edit it.

    Host: Nope.

    Fan Favorite: Never role played on a forum or in life, only in MMORP Games. Such as a Cra (archer/ranger) on one game, a Troll/Dwarf on WoW, etc...

    Personal Favorite: As I've never done it in the terms that this thread is intending for, I don't yet have any. I only respond at all because I am interested, I have just yet to partake in the adventure.

    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.― Mahatma Gandhi

    If you want me to respond to a thread or your work just pm me.

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    Name: Phantasm

    Experience: 5 Years

    Favorite Genre: Fantasy.

    Preferred rolls: Chaotic Evil alignment.

    Long or short style: Short style!

    Host: Only online within MMORPG's.

    Fan Favorite: My character had a backstory revolving around his change from a normal Warlock of a natural order, but after learning of his wife's deceit he murdered her and her lover mid-day. From there he planned on ridding the world of people who used love with the wrong intent, but overtime he began to enjoy killing people using any means. Throughout his life he began to become a demon rather than commanding one, and at this time he is running between worlds attempting to find more power.

    Personal Favorite: I only have one character, and that is him above.
    I'm Dante. Connect with me on Hidden Content or Hidden Content .

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